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5 Rec Sports Group Fitness Classes You Need to Try

Although the Serf is sadly now closed, Rec Sports is still offering their amazing group fitness classes at the Natatorium. These classes are great, college budget friendly workouts you can go to with friends! You can easily find a class that works well your fitness routine among the wide variety of classes, like group strength and yoga. Here are my top five group fitness classes:


1. Pound

Time to get your cardio in! This fun new workout uses drumsticks as a weight. You’ll be drumming out all class to your favorite rock ‘n roll songs!


2. Group Strength

This is the class for anyone who likes to use free weights. Group Strength is a full body workout that targets specific muscle groups. The name of the class says it all!  


3. CinemaSpin

You can cycle away those calories while enjoying a great movie every Thursday night ! CinemaSpin is just like a normal cycling class; but instead of using music, Rec Sports shows a movie to motivate riders.


4. Zumba

Dance your way through a workout with Zumba! The Latin-themed dances make for a great way to get your cardio in. Your feet won’t stop moving during this workout.


5. Power Flow


For all the yogis out there, this is the class for you! Power Flow is a mix of yoga and pilates, and it will help improve your balance, strength, flexibility and more!


If you’re looking to switch up your fitness routine, you should definitely try out some of these classes — I’ve never been disappointed with a group fitness class by Rec Sports. Happy exercising!

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