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3 Reasons You May Not Be Seeing Results from Your Workout

*Works out once*

“Where’s my beach body?”

Raise your hand if this has been you.

In a perfect world, you’d be able to see results from a workout instantaneously; but unfortunately, that’s not how it works. It can be discouraging to workout consistently and not see the results you hoped for. However, you may not be aware of some factors that are holding you back. Here are a few common mistakes you might be making during your routine that are prohibiting you from seeing the gains you were hoping for.


1. Relying Solely on Cardio

I’m not gonna lie, this one surprised me a little bit. It’s a common misconception that burning calories equals burning fat, so it’s not crazy that most people believe cardio is the best way to lose weight. Sure, cardio burns a large number of calories and strengthens your cardiovascular system; but it doesn’t change your body composition. This is what strength training is for. 

The key to everything in life is balance, and this includes working out. By including cardio, strength training and flexibility in your workout will not only burn body fat and increase muscle mass, it will also strengthen your bones.


2. Not eating enough fats

It’s pretty common knowledge that you need a balanced diet — one that includes protein, vegetables and fruits — to receive optimal results in your workout. But, did you know that you also need fat? I’m talking about healthy fats, like those you find in avocados and nuts. Fat is a consistent energy supply that also supports hormone levels; it helps increase endurance, reduce inflammation, gain lean muscle and regulate blood sugar. An appropriate fat intake makes you feel fuller longer and boasts antioxidant absorption; some say it increases metabolic rates to help you burn more calories. Fat is what most people workout to burn, so the thought that you actually need it to see gains is pretty funny.


3. Not Eating After a Workout

If you fail to replenish your body after a draining workout, you not only increase your chance of injury, you also reduce your chance of seeing results. Self.com said that many nutritionists recommend eating something within 30 minutes after a workout. This is because workouts use up most of the body’s available energy and causes micro-damage on the muscles in a way that inhibits your muscle growth — it can be aggressive on the body. By eating foods that are high in glycogen, such as vegetables and fruits, you’re giving your muscles the energy they need to grow stronger.

So, don’t feel discouraged if you aren’t seeing results from your workout. More often than not, there’s an easy fix to the situation; it may only take something as simple as tweaking your workout or diet.

Manisha is a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin- Madison and a pre-nursing major. She is always itching to try the newest trends, whether they pertain to food, fashion, music, or any new product that claims to have an ample amount of caffeine. In her free time you could probably find Manisha online shopping, watching netflix, or avoiding her homework. 
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