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Top 10 Reasons You Should Try Yoga

Yoga is a millennial’s exercise with all kinds of classes from hot yoga to goat yoga.

It’s time more people enjoyed this exciting and interactive exercise that appears simple from the outside but is actually very beneficial to all who participate.


Here are just a few reasons you should try it out!


1. Improved energy levels

As college students we all know the feeling of staying up hours longer than we should, or that is healthy for us. Yoga can improve your energy levels and make you feel rejuvenated and fresh. It can also help with your breathing which could prove beneficial during meditation to reduce stress levels.


2. Reduced Stress

With stress often times comes pain in areas such as your neck or back and yoga is here to help. Yoga can create a sense of body awareness which could help in reducing these pains as well as clearing the mind and creating a calmness that surrounds you.


3. Increased Strength

Yoga is a great muscle building exercise because the length poses are held can reach anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes depending on your pre-determined strength. Even if you can’t hold it for 3 minutes you will eventually as with practice yoga becomes easier and more engaging as time goes on.


4. Flexibility

If you can’t touch your toes then maybe you should give yoga a try. Within a few sessions you will be doing a forward fold like nobody’s business. You won’t even remember what it was like not being flexible!


5. Improved Athletic Performance

Difficulty on the court or field could become a walk in the park if you simply implement some yoga into your daily routine. Even running becomes easier when you have yoga to help you out.


6. Cardio

Yoga is known as a great cardio exercise by many yogis who understand there is a difference between strengthening and cardio yoga sessions. Cardio sessions often require moving through sun salutations and other poses quite quickly in order to increase heart rate.


7. Decreases Chances of Injury

You likelihood of breaking a bone or damaging your joints can be reduced immensely with some simple yoga poses everyday. Even your chances of arthritis and other bone or joint diseases can be diminished.


8. Fight Cancer

There is no real preventative treatment to cancer. However, yoga could reduce your chances of getting cancer in certain organs. This is due to the destruction of cancerous cells and removal of toxic waste by the lymphatic system.


9. Makes you happier

Depression is a relevant subject for many college students as stress piles up and anxiety kicks in, yoga can not remove diagnosed depression. However, if you are simply having a bad day then give yoga a try. It can increase your serotonin levels and potentially improve depression.


10. Focus

Yoga can help you overcome those piles of study guides and homework that seems to never end. You can sit down after one quick session of yoga and plow through what appeared to be a day’s work of papers and complete them in one sitting, then you can get outside and do some more yoga to reduce the stress of waiting for your results!


Let us know about your yoga experiences and see if any of these reasons helped you! Namaste Collegiettes.

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