Maybe it is a phrase that you have heard, but you are not quite familiar with it. So, what exactly is it?

Self-care has different definitions within different fields like social work, nursing, teaching and more. Self-care is simply taking care of oneself physically along with mentally. The body and mind are connected and caring for both provide holistic health. As summer approaches, one of the most prevalent thoughts a college woman has is achieving that "summer body". She is determined to get her exercise on and finally put down the bag of potato chips. As great as physical health goals are for the summer, so are mental health goals, and that is where self-care comes into play.

Summer is the much-needed break that every college student needs. Finally, no more classes, no more assignments, no more finals, and no more stress. It is easier to focus on our physical health when there is less on our plate. But, we tend to neglect our mental health. Exercise and eating healthy are great for our body, but what about our mind? Here are some ways that you can start practicing self-care this summer and hopefully make it a part of your daily routine, just like exercising and eating right.

Take time out of your day to read one of your favorite books.


Take a walk and breathe the fresh air. 

Sit down and stretch, or do some simple yoga poses.


Treat yourself to an in-home spa night. 


Keep a journal and record your thoughts, feelings, and experiences throughout the day.

Spend time with the people you love, whether it be friends or family.

The key to self-care is to find what works for you and what you enjoy. Self-care is not being selfish, it is simply replenishing you, body and mind. Summer is a great time to start making health goals. Try to stick to those health goals and make them a part of your life. Not only will exercise and eating healthy benefit you greatly, so will practicing self-care. Put good things into your body and mind, so good things will come out.