Why You Should Go on a “Hot Girl Walk”

I was scrolling through TikTok as one does while stuck inside, and I came across a video talking about something called a “hot girl walk”. It was one of those videos where a girl was talking about how she lost weight by walking. I was fully prepared to be angry at yet another propaganda-type video that was going to push some product on me. To my surprise, what she was talking about was quite the opposite. The premise of the “hot girl walk” is that you go for a walk at a fast pace everyday where you are only allowed to think about what you want to achieve and accomplish. No negative thoughts and no thinking about men. You are to only walk and think about what you want to achieve. I found this to be a great way to practice mindfulness.

Going on these walks allowed me to have time and space to focus on myself in a productive way. I wasn’t overthinking or ruminating, I was simply walking and hyping myself up. The confidence I felt while going on these walks was amazing. I found myself thinking more positively in relation to myself. I found myself having a clear mind when it came to my goals, and I found that it was really useful in carving out some me time. I didn’t feel like I was rewarding myself for something I didn’t accomplish as I often do when I attempt to have time to myself. Rather, I felt like I was being productive, since as I was going outside, and felt that I finally had the ability to control some aspects of my thoughts.

When I went on these walks, I found that my marks started to improve, and my energy had gone up. I could process all the things I needed to and think more deeply about how to accomplish what I wanted. After these walks, I found that it was really easy for me to throw myself into work after having had time to sort things out.

Having this walk integrated into my routine has given me a sense of structure that was much needed, as well as a sense of mental stability. It is so important that everybody takes care of their mental health in a time such as the pandemic. For me, that now includes going on these “hot girls walks,” which I recommend everyone should try.