The Ultimate Study Playlist

The reality of remote learning can take some getting used to. While there are the significant benefits of wearing pajama pants to class and being in close proximity of the kitchen, it can be extremely hard to focus in your makeshift workspace.

I enjoy listening to white noise to tune out the distractions around me, but the silence can often be deafening. After listening to white noise for an extended period of time, I feel like I can’t escape the humming and crackling once the track is turned off. I have spent the past few weeks working on curating the perfect study playlist in preparation for exam season. I chose an array of lyric-free songs that are impossible to sing along to, and I have seen an improvement with my concentration and productivity.

"3pm" – Hm Surf

"5am in Cairo" – Oh, The Joy.

"9.23.19" – Toonorth

"A Deeper Understanding" – Aviino & Aso

"A Song for You" – Smeyeul

"Affection" – Casiio

"Alone in The Rain" – C4c

"Apple Flower" – Hm Surf

"Back Then" – Smeyeul

"Barbados" – Hm Surf, Crwsox, & Chill Children

"Be Okay" – Ward Willis

"Channel 12" – Flovry & Tender Spring

"Circles" – Sagun

"Clouds" – Lofi Geek

"Cold Nights" – Itssvd

"Couch Days" – Hm Surf

"Descent" – Brenky

"Disappear" – H1 & Essence

"Dreaming Of A Tree" – Otaam & Hoffy Beats

"Dreams Gives Me Hiccups" – Drrreems

"Driftwood" – Blue Wednesday, Middle School, And Tender Spring

"Drowsy" – Brillion

"Dusk" – Joe Nora & David Chief

"Earfquake" – Justice Der

"Eternal Now" – Less.People

"Fireflies" – Kupla & J’san

"Flashlight" – Made In M & Smuv

"Gentle Breeze" – Hm Surf

"Gomenasio Iii" – Elijah Nang

"Gone" – Chiccote’s Beats

"Gone Fishing" – Harris Cole

"Grapefruit Grind" – Drrreems

"Hibernation" – Brillion.

"Hyphenn" - Muni

"Insomnia" – Laffey

"Interstellar" – Drkmnd & Arbour

"Intro" – Bluedoom

"Isolation Is Paramount" – Minthaze

"Juniper" – Chris Mazuera & Brillion.

"Just Close Your Eyes" – Brillion. & Lucid Green

"Lilac" – Drrreems

"Lower East Late Summer"  – Auv

"Memories of You" – Pueblo Vista & Speechless

"Mirage" – Yongerling

"Moti" – Brenky

"Motions" – Kurt Stewart & Will Keeper

"Move On" – Fujitsu

"My Girl" – Hm Surf

"Never Together" – Sinh

"Nights" – Odd Toddlers

"North Fell" – Delayde

"Oak" – Kurt Stewart & Kindbrew

"Ok Fine, Whatever" – Stream_Error

"Ousia" – H1

"Parenthesis" – Muni

"Pastel" (Ft. Crwsox) – Hm Surf

"Pat Your Pet" – Sling Dilly & Bertholet

"Prism" – Laffey & Yutaka Hirasaka

"Quiet Humans" – Deyade

"Rain" – Nicolas Kluzek

"Rain Outside My Window" – Brillion.

"Reflection" – Baechugli

"Remember the Lost" – Sugar Cane Davis

"River Day" – Imagiro

"Say Anything" – Towser

"Self-Love" (Instrumental) – Behind Clouds

"Setting the Clocks Forward" – Behind Clouds

"Shooting Stars" – Kurt Sterwart & Speechless West Window – Yonderling

"Siddharta" – Tat

"Sleeping Giant" – Druid

"Sleepy" – Cocabona & Monma

"Small Things" – Sleepy Fish

"Snowfall" – K U L O, Lo-Fi Beats, & Lofi Hip Hop

"Sombalyer" – Delayde & Hemond

"Sonder" – Anxious

"Stay" – Brillion.

"Stay with Me" – Just Big Hills

"Stella" – Slowheal & Strehlow

"Sticky" – J. Roosevelt

"Sundown" – Mt. Fujitive

"Sunny" – Kaizen 92

"Sunset" – Alto

"Sunset Lover" – Petit Biscuit

"The Silence Reminds Me that I’m Not Sleeping Next to You" – Behind Clouds

"Thinking Chair" – Aso

"Today" – Laffey

"Tuesday" – Austin Marc

"Umbrella" – Laffey

"Up Late" – Joe Nora

"Very Late" – Sugi.Wa

"Wanderer" – Fletcher Reed & Wei

"Water, Wind, Stone" – Don Philippe

"Wavin’" –  Tabal & Dlj

"Wellen" – Indra

"While I Miss You" – Slowheal

"Winta" (Feat. Indra) – Cozy Collective

"Writers Block" – Brenky

"Youth" – Dream Easy Collective, Rook1e & J’san

"Zhill Down" – Neotic

"Zzz…" – Laffey

Be sure to look out for more playlists in the new year!