Positive and Proactive - The Percé Body Line

February has arrived and if you made it to this point without breaking your promise of keeping your New Year's resolution kudos to you. From personal experience, if you can make it twenty-one days following a particular routine, it is more likely than not that you will stick with your plan and a habit will inevitably be formed. Let’s reflect, shall we? Your resolutions probably included such things as getting better grades, working out more regularly, or following a better diet. Who knows, you may even have vowed to decrease your wine intake (not speaking from personal experience or anything!) The truth is, in order for someone to be their best self, they have to feel good about their accomplishments and feel confident in themselves. While many people link this sense of fulfillment back to following a healthy diet and limiting foods that are seen as unhealthy, what many people fail to realize is what they put on their skin also gets absorbed into the body as well. The lotions, the soaps, and the skincare that individuals use daily can be toxic and cause long term repercussions over time! So what should you use?

Here at Her Campus Wilfrid Laurier, we believe that parabans should perish, that chemicals should be canned and that all natural ingredients should be embraced. With aisles upon aisles of beauty products that claim to be the latest and greatest, how can a person truly know what products are beneficial compared to deceitful false claims? This week we had the privilege of chatting with Phil Brook who passionately spoke about his brand Percé French Bath Boutique. We wanted to find a brand of skincare, bath, body and household products that not only contained natural ingredients, but also smelled great! The search is over... meet Percé

To make it short and sweet, Phil is a 20-year-old student who goes to school here at Laurier with the desire to make a difference! He has successfully formulated a line of health and body products that people can confidently use without the fear of harmful additives or fillers. Percé was first launched on June 1st 2014, and is described as being “modern, relevant, unique”. Currently, the line consists of 37 high end products, with new items constantly being added. With such a wide variety of products to choose from, it comes as no surprise that there is a scent for every mood! One of our personal favourites was “zen”, which is designed for the tranquility and zen mentality of the yoga lover. Phil stressed that Percé stands out from the competition because it is made in France, is organic (the soap is made out of 100%vegetables), and the products have no dyes and are paraben free. 10% of the total revenue made from Percé goes to the Skin Cancer Foundation.

There are big things ahead for Percé, as there are currently amenities from the line at the Cambridge Suites Hotel and Carleton Resort and Casino in Europe and Toronto. In case you are feeling overwhelmed with the multiple possibilities of products for every mood, Phil recommends beginning with his favourite grapefruit bar of soap, which is long lasting, 100% organic, and smells amazing. He also suggests trying the grapefruit or lemon-grass diffuser. Lastly, he raves about the Marine hand cream which is from the “Splash” line. Designed for the mermaid at heart, this line is ideal for those that love to swim, yet need to combat dry skin when they are out of the water while craving a product that will keep them hydrated.

It is important for Phil to constantly give back to the less fortunate, and create high quality skincare products without the harsh chemicals. What are you waiting for? Show this fellow Golden Hawk some support, and check out the natural Percé line for yourself here.We guarantee you won't be disappointed!