Little Wins We Take for Granted Everyday

In a day full of errands, homework, eating and sleeping, we can often overlook all the great things that happen in our everyday lives. Even small, ordinary situations can improve someone’s day. I like to call these instances ‘little wins’. Little wins are small occasions that do not significantly impact one’s day but make it all that much better.

Finding parking near your destination in a busy parking lot.

I am a nervous driver; I hate parking lots. Winding through rows of cars attempting to find enough clearance to maneuver my car in between the property of two strangers is not my favourite task of the day. When I pull into a lot and there happens to be someone leaving at the same time from a prime spot right near the doors, I can’t help but smile.

Getting in the shower and the water is the perfect temperature.

Self-care is so important, and to start my nighttime care ritual, I always have a hot shower before beginning my coursework. There’s something soothing about taking a hot shower after a long day that brings another level of relaxation. It seems like I can never get the temperature just right until I’m standing directly under the water. It makes my day when I step into the shower and the temperature doesn’t need adjusting.

Thinking about someone and they contact you

The world works in mysterious ways. It brightens my day when I think about a friend or family member and they contact me soon after. It reinforces that they care and are thinking about me as well. It is even better when you run into the person you were thinking or talking about, and you can share that thought with them.

Walking up to an intersection and the walk signal is cued

This underrated win is one of my favourites. As someone who takes daily walks with my dog through the neighbourhood, I always appreciate when I happen to arrive at an intersection and I don’t have to wait for the light to change. There is something to be said about being in the right place at the right time.

Getting home safe.

Getting home safe is extremely underrated. I always wondered why my mom was so protective about curfews and parties growing up. Even at 21, she likes to enforce a curfew when I return to my childhood home for university holidays. Now that I am more aware of my surroundings and the conceivable dangers of the world, I understand why she always expects a text when I arrive at my destination safe and sound.

When you are having a bad start to your day, try to think of a list of little wins that you were awarded over the last week, and remember that tomorrow is a new day.