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Growing up, we’ve all developed interests, passions and goals. We were taught that we will graduate high school, pick a major, go to university, get a degree or two and then get a job. What we are not told is that this path is not always linear.

Changing your major doesn't mean that you’re about to change your career choice. It merely means that you're about to change the path that will get you there. You shouldn't have to dread learning and going to classes as much as you might right now. Does it really make sense for you to not like going to class, not enjoy what you're learning and then to continue on into the workforce potentially hating your job too?

On the other hand, we don't always excel in what we're interested in and that is completely fine.

There are other ways to achieve the goals of where you want to be in life. If you want to be a journalist, you can major in something other than communications or journalism. You could use your knowledge in political science to create articles for platforms such as magazines, newspapers and even news channels. This would result in you gaining work experience which will help you later in the journey of your career.

You can take multiple routes to get to the job or career that you want. Don't let yourself suffer in classes or courses that are not contributing to your success. Take advantage of the resources at your disposal. Talk to your academic advisors, professors and even loved ones who have been in a similar situation. Sometimes an outside perspective can give you a clear image of what things look like for you right now and perhaps, what could work better.

Once you've taken the scary step of asking for help, you will see that the next steps will get much easier. All it may take is a switch of a few classes and some good timing. This can provide you with the opportunity to do what you really wanted. It may seem daunting and expensive to constantly switch around your major and find classes that work for you. However, you're investing in yourself and your future. If you don't take the time to correct your mistakes or smooth out your journey to your ideal career, you'll end up regretting it for the rest of your life.

You should be having fun and enjoying what you're learning. Of course, everyone complains about having to wake up early or go to class. However, at the end of the day, if you've put in all this effort and you still don't get the results you want to see, maybe it is time for you to make that change.

Chances are if you're here and reading this article, it means you may be considering changing your major.

Consider these words as a gentle nudge and encouragement for you to find out what path you should take to realize your dreams. After all, life is short, but your knowledge will last you a lifetime. Invest in it wisely.

Priya Butter

Wilfrid Laurier '24

Priya is a student at Wilfrid Laurier University pursuing an Honours BA in Global Studies. Along with being a writer, Priya is a passionate dancer and advocate.
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