8 Ways to Get those Gains without the Pains of the Public Gym

The idea of packing a gym bag and going to the gym can sometimes be exhausting. Even if the gym you are going to is close by, sometimes you may not want to travel there because A) you can’t find a parking spot, B) it is way too crowded for your liking, or C) you don’t want other people judging your workout. I can honestly say from experience that all of these reasons are completely justifiable. So, I am here to give you some home workout ideas to save you from trekking to Laurier’s Athletic Complex or any other gym in this cold weather.

1. Your Yoga Mat is Your Friend

 I highly recommend investing in a yoga mat because you will use it all the time at home. As well, you can take it anywhere you go and no longer need to borrow one. Investing in one is your best bet! They are pretty cheap, and you don’t necessarily need a brand name yoga mat for your workout.  I got my yoga mat at Marshalls for $20. They can be even cheaper than that, you just need to shop around. With your new mat, you can do these next few workouts.

2. Doing Yoga with your Yoga Mat

Yoga can be such a relaxing and calming form of exercise. It is also much more relaxing when it is done in the comfort of your own home. There are so many poses that you can look up on the internet or in a book. There are many options to explore when investing your time into this exercise.  Put on some tranquil music and go to your happy place…namaste!

3. Planks

On your yoga mat, lay down on your stomach with both elbows on either side of your body at a 90-degree angle. Then, keeping your back straight,  lift your body up into the plank position. Only your toes, elbows and forearms should be in contact with the mat. Hold this position for 30 seconds to 1 minute, depending on how long you can hold the plank. This exercise helps strengthen your core and define the abs that you want to gain or maintain.

4. Sit-ups and Crunches

These exercises are so easy to do and give great results when done properly. Lay down on your yoga mat with your legs bent towards your chest and lift your torso off the mat so it almost touches your knees. This is a full sit-up. If you want to do crunches, which focus more on the middle of your core,  do half a sit-up by lifting a little bit of your torso towards the bottom of your stomach. Both of these exercises help to strengthen your core and work on maintaining those rock hard abs (more so than what the cat is doing)!

5. Squats

After doing a few ab workouts, it is always good to change it up.  Work on toning your lower body and defining that booty! To do a squat, stand with your feet shoulder width apart with your knees slightly bent. Then, bend your knees until you are in a sitting position. Make sure your back is straight the whole time. Next, straighten your legs and return to the standing position with your legs still slightly bent. If executed properly you will see a difference in no time!

6. Hand Weights

Working on your arm muscles can just as easily be accomplished at home. To get started, all you need is a pair of weights. Dumbbells can be purchased at any health and wellness store, nutritional supplement retailers, and even Walmart. The price varies depending on the weight you want to purchase. Once you have these, you can basically do any arm exercise your heart desires.

7. Video Game or Workout DVDs

If you have a video game console or a DVD player, you can rent or buy exercise games and personal trainer videos to workout right in your living room. If you already have one of those dancing games like Zumba or Just Dance, that’s even better. Dance workouts are lots of fun and can make you sweat, which overall makes you feel better and happier. The other benefit to doing these dance workouts at home is that if your afraid of looking awful when doing them, or not being able to keep up, no one is watching you (unlike our friend Mindy here…)!

8. Running or Jogging

Are you one of those people who specifically go to the gym just to run on the treadmill for hours? If so, then I suggest  you try running outside because it is the perfect exercise for you! Basically, running outside can be a bit harder on everyone’s knees because of the varying you have to face, but it is a chance to take in some fresh air while getting your daily workout in, so try it out.

I hope you all enjoy working on your fitness at home without any witnesses and become your own version of fergalicious!