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6 Vibrators Under $75 to Get You Through Midterms

Midterms and finals put a ton of stress on students, so it’s important to find a way to release that tension. I checked out a variety of vibrators and then did some valuable research to help ensure you’re ready to take on your courses. 

Whether you’re single or have a significant other, here are six different little wonders to help you de-stress this semester.
1. Ultra Zone – Tundra Rose – 6X Rechargeable Silicone Vibe – Blue


This bright vibrator is great for g-spot stimulation and has a fantastic silky texture. One of the best things about it is the control wheel. You are able to switch through speeds with ease and keep the momentum up without abrupt changes that can wreck the mood. The one complaint would be the noise; it isn’t blaring, but it isn’t silent. 

Rechargeable? Yes

Insertable Length? 7 inches

Waterproof? Yes

2. PinkCherry – Multi-Speed Rabbit Vibrator – Pink


I would describe this vibrator as a huge pearl monster. The size might be intimidating, but it has a lot to offer. The controls were more challenging to use, as there is a series of buttons with arrows. The rotating head gives tons of g-spot stimulation and there’s external clitoral activity as well. The pearls provide a new experience for your body with each rotation as they move within the vibrator. This is the loudest of the toys on this list, so be aware if you have thin walls. 

Rechargeable? No – 3 AA Batteries

Insertable Length? 9.5 inches

Waterproof? Yes

3. Classix – Back to the Basics – Rocket Bullet Vibe – Blue


If you’ve never had a vibrator or other sex toy before, then this is an easy and cheap way to start. It’s great for beginners and only has one on/off button. The power is good, but if you’re looking for internal stimulation then this is not for you. It is great for getting a little clitoral buzz action but is limited in its capabilities. It isn’t the quietest, but it isn’t loud either; it has a high-pitched buzz.

Rechargeable? No – 1 AAA Battery

Insertable Length? N/A

Waterproof? Yes

4. Adam & Eve – Vibrating Silicone Anal Beads – Black 


For those who want to try some anal excitement, this is a great vibrator because of its soft texture and tapered length. You can try inserting the beads one at a time to ensure you’re comfortable and in control. Using the vibration capabilities, increase the good sensations that are picked up by tons of nerve endings in the area. Especially with this vibrator, use lots of lube! Water-based lubes should be used with this product and they even sell anal lubes that have a thicker consistency to help keep it where it needs to be and not dripping elsewhere. This is the quietest vibrator on the list. 

Rechargeable? No – 3 LR44 Batteries

Insertable Length? 6 inches

Waterproof? Yes

5. Satisfyer – Pro 2 Clitoral Stimulator – Next Generation – Rose Gold


This is hands-down my favourite toy to use. I prefer external stimulation and this one is quiet once covering the clitoris. It uses pulsating-air technology, — the machine itself doesn’t touch the actual pleasure point, it instead makes a dome area over top of it. If you have the funds and like clitoral stimulation, I would recommend you buy this one in a heartbeat. It is easy to hold and the colour is super cute.

Rechargeable? Yes

Insertable Length? N/A

Waterproof? Yes

6. Impress – Mini Tongue Rechargeable Vibe – Purple


The tongue title might throw many of you off, but this vibrator is unique with its pressure sensitive controls and 12 settings. Its curved shape is great for caressing the curves of your body, inside and out. It is quiet in comparison to its power, but overall a mid-volume level is produced. It has insanely intense settings, so if you’re not really sensitive then this is great. If you just want your mind blown this is also fabulous. It is one of my newest top picks!

Rechargeable? Yes

Insertable Length? 4.5 inches

Waterproof? Yes

Now you will want to get your own of course, so definitely check out PinkCherry and Stag Shop. The best thing is that there are often deals and discounts, so if you’re struggling with that student budget life there still isn’t a huge worry. PinkCherry consistently has 20-40 per cent off deals. 

Overall, I prefer the rechargeable toys because it means I don’t have to buy batteries. The Satisfyer is my ultimate favourite and it’s also aesthetic af. Self-pleasure is a great way to release the stress university may bring to your life and everyone can benefit from a bit of “me-time.” Clear your mind and then you’ll be set for studying. Happy vibes for everyone!

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