6 Simple Ways to Get Your Positive Back

We all get upset. It can be a small thing or a big thing that triggers us, but they are valid all the same. I’m a victim of this as well, and when I get upset it ruins my whole day or night to the point where I end up not wanting to do anything. This can be really inefficient during the school year since it seems we never have enough time for anything, let alone “wasting” a day to mope around being upset - I know I don’t! I decided to do some research to figure out how to solve this problem and here are some methods I found to cope when you’re feeling down or upset to bring your ‘positive’ back!

  1. 1. Go for a walk

    I know this is always a piece of advice given when someone says they’re upset, but it really does help! I find that just walking through a little trail can be really peaceful, especially in the early morning or during sunset. Depending on how much time you have, I suggest going on an actual hiking trail because just being a part of nature and taking that hike can take your focus away from what’s bothering you. I use the app All Trails to find local trails to hike and keep them noted for situations where I just need to get outside.

  2. 2. Get your creative on

    Those relaxing colouring books weren’t made for nothing! I find them to be a little stressful themselves, but a good kind of stressful that helps me to shift my thoughts away from my current situation to focusing on making a beautiful picture. The best part is when you’re done you get a feeling of accomplishment and it can help boost your mood. I also recommend doodling or painting whatever comes to mind! Painting is such a nice and relaxing way to spend some free time. There are paint nights offered all throughout the Waterloo area at different restaurants too, or you could keep it simple and do some searching on Pinterest for inspiration!

  3. 3. Write it out

    If you don’t feel comfortable contacting someone to vent, grab a notebook and just write out the situation and what is making you upset. You have no idea how nice it feels to just have your feelings put into words, and in a few hours or a couple of days you can go back to it and compare how you were feeling to see how you’ve grown in that short time. Along with writing down what’s bothering you, take a second to jot down something that went well during the same time to help you look at the brighter side of your situation!

  4. 4. Watch a sunrise

    I do this often and it is such an amazing feeling. There is a trail I always drive by on the way to school and I often stop and just sit on a bench and watch the colours change as the sun rises into the sky. The feeling is so relaxing and I feel invigorated for the whole day. It is a wonderful mood booster and if something bothers you throughout the day you can recount how you felt during those moments of watching the sunrise and bring those happy thoughts back.

  5. 5. Count your blessings

    This one doesn’t always work but it’s still worth mentioning. When you’re feeling low and need a mood boost always try to take a second to recount what you have instead of what you’re missing. This is normally useful for me when I’m feeling down about something that I was unable to get or achieve. I often try to reason with myself as to why I got a bad mark or why I’m upset with school, with “hey, I did good for having two midterms on the same day,” or “I may not like school right now but at least I am able to get an education.” Sometimes we take advantage of this and don’t realize that we are actually really lucky to be in school, so it brings me motivation to work harder and overcome my slump. You may be in a negative mindset, but even just trying to bring out the positive aspects of the situation can help you to boost your mood!

  6. 6. Take a break

    If you’ve ever told anybody, whether it’s family, friends or even a professor that you’re feeling down, you’ll probably receive the advice to slow down or take a break. My dad often tells me this and I know it’s easier said than done, but taking a break is actually so helpful. When you’re planning your day or week, you should always set aside a couple hours for yourself to get the break you so rightfully deserve! This can help prevent you from getting overwhelmed and upset, and it helps to break you out of a slump if you’re already in one. So, make your favourite drink, get a bubble bath going, your face masks out and Netflix on.

I have used all these tips at least once and they have helped boost my mood. Not everything will work for every situation, but you will find what works for you! Always remember that a problem is no bigger than you can handle, and you can always overcome it!