18 Things All First Years Should Know

1. Don't ask the professor to use the washroom.

2. If you accidentally go to the wrong lecture, don't sit through it because you're too embarrassed, just leave.

3. If you don't know where something is, just ask someone.

4. Take advantage of the resources available on campus.

5. Get to know your professors so they seem a little less intimidating. 

6. If you absolutely can't stand a class the first time you take it and it's not required, it would probably be better for you to switch into something else. 

7. ratemyprofessors.com can be useful, but don't completely rely on it before forming your own opinions either. 

8. Buy your textbooks ahead of time to avoid the lines. 

9. Or order them on Amazon, where they'll probably be cheaper. 

10. Get. Involved. 

11. Making friends can be a process, so don't feel discouraged if you don't meet people right away.

12. Try to be somewhat mindful of your finances. 

13. Don't feel like you have to go out partying if that's just not your thing. 

14. But if that is your thing, you do you. 

15. Practice safe sex. No one needs any unpleasant surprises during their first year. 

16. Don't waste your time on toxic people, it's never worth it. 

17. You might not finish in four years, and that's completely OK.  

18. University is what you make of it, so do the things that you want to do and you'll find your place.