Your Mental Health Matters

Have you ever felt disconnected from the rest of the world, and felt lonely despite being surrounded by people? Have you had the constant thought of escaping or fixing the situation even though you have no power to do so? And the thoughts and feelings that race through your head as you wake up every morning—you feel like you want to be emotionless just to end the pain, but in reality you are only human. You can’t escape reality, so you hide yourself in your room just so no one can see your tears or the pain on your face. You feel as if it’s easier to end it all because you believe there is no escape, and you are stuck in the little corner you’ve created for yourself. So open your eyes and refresh yourself in a new and positive perspective, and you will see everything you doubted on is worth it. This is why your mental health matters.

Tip #1: It’s okay to feel this way and you are not alone in this because there are many people in your position who are suffering from depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders. Take a deep breath and know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Tip #2: Refresh your mind and know that there are people who care about you more than you can ever think. Think about the people who love you and that you are valued in this world.

Tip #3: Remember you are young, and this emotional pain is only temporary and will not affect you in the long run. It could be challenging in the meantime, but don’t let it define you and your worth. You will also learn to be emotionally stronger.

Tip #4: Don’t be afraid to open up. Talk to someone close to you about the problems you are dealing with. You will be surprised about how much of a release it will be. In addition, the talk will allow you to connect with the person on a deeper level since you are opening up your true self.

Tip #5: Distract yourself from your thoughts. This could be done by working or achieving a goal or a project you desire. Whether it is joining a sports team you never thought of, a new club to make friends, working out to get stronger or setting academic goals. Setting these goals for yourself will distract you from your temporary pain and will make you a stronger person. So challenge yourself, and you will probably be thankful about how much you accomplished.

Tip #6: Aside from your thoughts, always remember that you are important just like anybody else. You have the power to control these thoughts and emotions that you believe you couldn’t, but you can.

Tip #7: Think positively. This means waking up everyday with a positive attitude. For example, think about the things you are going to do in the day, fill your schedule, listen to positive music in the morning, sing more, cook healthier foods, make plans with your friends, or take a walk in your neighborhood. All these little things make a HUGE difference in your lifestyle. I learned that if you try to put yourself in a better and more positive perspective, your body will naturally adjust to the new cycle, which becomes a habit of your thinking.

Tip #7: Take it step by step, try not to overwhelm yourself with negative thoughts about the future because this creates unrealistic views resulting in a false illusion of reality. Instead, think about what you can do now to fix the situation because you cannot control your future, so take it step by step.

Tip #8: Love yourself. I know it’s easier said than done, but realistically speaking, you must always love yourself. This means love yourself when you are alone watching a show, in the shower singing to your favorite song, dancing to throwbacks or hanging out with friends. Have you ever heard of the saying—“If you cannot love yourself, then who can?” This is true. Whatever you are dealing with or whoever is putting you down—you must always take care of yourself first.

Tip #9: You are stronger than you think! So, keep your head up high and enjoy life.

Things will come your way if you allow them to. Do not trap yourself in an endless cycle thinking that there is no escape because there is if you let it happen. The only thing you need to work on is yourself. So take action, make plans, organize your life even if it is just to make your bed each morning. More importantly, push yourself to get through this because you are the solution to your problems.