Proper Diet Will Help Keep Your Winters Bright

While winter is not the most cherished season of all, who could hate tiny snowflakes going around and getting stuck in your hair, that ray of sun popping into your room in the early morning, making snow angels and snowmen, and lying down in cozy comforters watching your favourite series. Besides doing all those exciting things, winter comes back to its dreary and grey form after some time and mostly leaves us with dry, flaky and chapped skin. It also affects your body as this brisk cold pushes more blood into the core of your body to make your heart and lungs feel warmer, which in turn causes many health problems. So, with the biting cold around the corner, it’s of utmost importance to have a proper and healthy diet to fight for your inner strength. Here are some of the miraculous tips that will help you to stay healthy and warm in this colder, darker season.

1. The more intake of cruciferous vegetables, the stronger the immune system

A stronger immune system is a must to beat this icy-cold weather so that you’re better prepared to battle infectious organisms. Apart from washing your hands and getting flu shots, try including as many cruciferous vegetables to your meal as you can; they are high in vitamin C and will be the first ones to defend you against winter sickness. So load your refrigerator with broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, garden cress, etc. and if they’re not fresh, frozen ones are okay.

2. Besides having woollies on, eat these too to stay warm from within

To help keep those chills at bay, good woolens are not enough. You must keep some super warm foods in your kitchen too. Try including chilli, onions, ginger tea, turmeric and porridge in your meals. Onions are the best when it comes to beating illnesses brought by the cold weather. They help increase perspiration and also stimulate the energy to move to the body’s surface, which keeps you warm. The spice that tops the list of being rich in antioxidants is turmeric and it is seen as one of the best warming herbs. It not only gives spice to your food but also absorbs excess moisture from your body, thereby tightening your tissues. Another great option: ginger tea is the secret to strengthening your digestion, it acts as a detoxifier for your body and is highly effective against nausea.

3. Drink hot beverages to stay hydrated

Well, this is something which needs no reminder as all of us are dependent on drinking hot beverages quite often. It’s worth knowing that hot beverages are the best way to stay hydrated. This will not raise your core body temperature, but will somewhat warm up your hands, stomach and mouth for a while. Hot chocolate, spiced tea, hot cider and a cup of hot coffee are some of the options you can consider to combat dehydration—but remember, it does not cut your daily water intake.

4. Get spicy, savoury, sugary and scrumptious soups

Come, let’s dive into grandma’s time and remember recommended vegetable soup for weight loss and chicken soup for flu and cold. It’s a herculean task to find an as comforting or soothing food as hot soups in winter. All the nutrients packed in that meal simmering on the stovetop is something that sounds not only mouth-watering but also healthy.

5. Don’t hold back your taste buds—go on to fulfill them

Winters can easily cause “depression” aka Seasonal Affective Disorder and one can easily crave carbohydrate-rich foods. Now this is the time to pamper yourself and have whatever you are craving. Some studies have reported that after fulfilling cravings in winter, individuals feel better. But keep in mind to choose healthier options over cakes or cookies—but not always!

These are a few must have foods that should prioritize your diet chart this winter to scintillate from within. I hope all of you will follow it to pamper your body and skin. Happy Healthy Winters!

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