No Gym? No Problem! Get Your Summer Body at Home

Around this time of year, gyms usually flood with people eagerly getting their summer bodies ready. Sadly, that is not the case this year with gyms closed indefinitely. People can be at a loss of what to do. Do we all sit around watching movies and carb-loading? No! Get ready for a great summer body using only your body.

YouTube homepage Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

YouTube is a fantastic tool to get and stay in shape. There are thousands of workout channels to keep you motivated and feeling good. One of my favorite fitness YouTubers is Chloe Ting. She not only has hundreds of videos on her YouTube channel, but she also has a blog with ten free workout programs. In these programs, she breaks down workouts to do every day for about a month. She builds programs that focus on a particular area of your bodies like your butt, arms, thighs, and stomach and also offers full-body programs that vary in time. Chloe Ting is an excellent motivator to keep you going as you complete her workouts, so you will most definitely work up a sweat and feel good at the end.

Another great YouTuber is Pamela Reif. She does not talk throughout her videos, so these videos are perfect if you want to blast music and watch an instructor without feeling like you are missing instruction. Her channel contains hundreds of partial and full-body workouts. Reif’s videos are short, but if you follow along, you will be working up a sweat and ache in the morning. She also uploaded a playlist on her YouTube channel for beginners, so if you are getting back into working out her videos are a great way to ease yourself into the grind.

Unsplash / Bruce Mars

Are you missing your usual go-to classes? The YouTube channel POPSUGAR Fitness has regular full-body workouts, as well as yoga, barre, boxing/kickboxing, and even pregnancy workouts. The layout of these classes is inclusive, motivating, and have multiple instructors in every video while one instructor teaches a modified version. The modified versions are lower impact so that it will be easier on your joints but are just as effective.

Always wanted to try Orangetheory? Now is your chance, and it is all free. With the pandemic upon us and Orangetheory studios closed, the company started uploading at-home workouts. Orangetheory is trendy and usually pricey, starting at around $59 a month for four classes. The fact that they are giving 30-minute free workouts is fantastic and have uploaded videos regularly since March 31st. They have real instructors from the studios teaching the class, and it will defiantly work your muscles, so here is your chance to see if it may be worth your money when things go back to normal.

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Exercising is a great way to keep your body and mind occupied during this tough time. I was never big into fitness, but since this pandemic started, I took this time to my advantage. Being trapped inside can begin to wear on your mental health but working out is a great way to make yourself happier. Your confidence and endorphins will skyrocket. Try to look on the bright side and remember this will all be over before we know it. If you are struggling in your mental health check out the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention website where they posted a page dedicated to mental health and COVID-19.