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A Dose of Positivity to Get Through Uncertain Times

It’s been a tough few weeks due to the Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. Millions of individuals have lost their jobs, students have been forced to do remote learning, businesses have been instructed to close their doors for the time being. It’s absolutely hectic. While we’re all scared and full of panic, it’s important to take a few deep breathes and to relax. Most of us, except for essential personnel, are self-quarantining at home and only leave the house if you need essential goods or you may order items online and get it delivered to your doorstep. Being stuck at home can be seen as good and bad. You may love being forced to stay home because you get to lounge in your most comfortable clothes while you do work and/or schoolwork online on the couch. On the other hand, you may feel like you’re going insane by not being able to go out and shop, meet up with friends, or travel to different places.


Life is completely different than how it was five weeks ago, and no one is expecting you to be completely acclimated to it right away. Drastic changes take time to adapt to, so be patient with yourself as you work towards finding a routine and schedule that works for you. With all of the negativity circulating through the world in a time like this, positivity is what will help us all see the light at the end of this tunnel. Do something every day to pass some positivity onto someone else – write a letter, send a meaningful text, send funny memes to friends, but most importantly, check up on one another. See how friends and family are doing, be there for them. Social distancing is tough and severely hinders the mental health of individuals, now is the time to be there for one another when we need it the most.


Feeling discouraged during a time like this is 100% normal. It’s tough to stay motivated and to find reasons to be happy during a time that threw our lives off track, but with the help of positive quotes and art, people can get the encouraging inspiration that they need to be productive. Here are some quotes to give you the daily dose of positivity that will get you motivated and ready to tackle more hardships that are thrown your way:



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To help you get through uncertain times, try doing some of the activities listed in this illustration. It’ll keep you relaxed, busy, and grateful for the things that we once took for granted.



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Just because we are quarantining ourselves, doesn’t mean that we aren’t allowed to go outside. Sit on your front porch and soak up the sun on a nice day. Get out of your house and get some fresh air to boost your happiness.



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Now is the time to get rid of all of the negative things out of your life. Get rid of negativity, old patterns, toxic habits, and mental clutter. Focus on the good things in life.



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We take things for granted, but it’s time to for us to open our eyes and be thankful for what we have but also be thankful for our health. While the world is broken right now, seriously, be happy that you are alive and well.



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Feeling anxious? Don’t feel bad about it. Everyone is feeling different emotions and that’s perfectly fine and expected. Take some time each day to tell yourself some simple, yet powerful affirmations – this will help ease yourself during a time like this and allow you to relax but to also remind yourself that you are okay. A positive mindset is your best friend right now.



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Just in case no one has told you lately, I am proud of you. Things are really tough right now and they will continue being tough for a little while but be proud of yourself too for getting through this.



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You are definitely stronger than you think. Think positively and don’t bring yourself down. You’re also more powerful than you think – by staying at home, you’re saving hundreds of lives while keeping yourself and your family safe.


Since we have a bunch of time on our hands at home, I hope you’re able to be grateful for the little things at home because they are the most beautiful. Pick up that guitar that you haven’t touched in years, sit by the fireplace with a cup of coffee, water those plants you forgot about – the sweet everyday things are items to be thankful for because we usually take them for granted.


Hi, I'm Marly! I am a senior at West Chester University, majoring in English (Writings Track) with a concentration in Digital Writing and Rhetoric. In my free time I love to practice self care, which includes: listening to my favorite music, cooking/baking, journaling, and (of course!) obsessing over my dogs.
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