3 Techniques That Can Help Calm Down Anxiety

Breathing techniques. This technique can be very hard at first because it causes you to focus, and center your attention on your breathing instead of your emotions. It may also sound a bit cliche, but it’s something that works for me. Sometimes I pace my breathing by slowly breathing in through my nose, then I slightly pause and slowly breathe out of my mouth. While I do these breathing techniques I also say affirmations in my head like, “it’s okay” “it will be okay”, etc 

Music. I created a playlist of soulful, r&b, and gospel music that either makes me happy or calms me down. I light a candle, lay on my back, set my LED lights to a calm setting, and close my eyes for a while. This technique helps slow my anxiety down by focusing on music. 

Exercise. Whether it is a quick 10-minute workout or an hour, it is proven that exercise is a good stimulant to change a person’s mood. I tend to run a mile or sometimes even a light jog (if I feel lazy), but no matter the routine after I’m finished I feel way better than when I started.

These techniques may not work for everyone, but I would recommend trying them at least once, and see if it is helpful for you.