The color yellow, always wrapped ‘round my heart.

Guards against chill, keeping me warm. 

Giving out hugs whenever it’s heavy.

Seeing the relationship with life I have formed.

The color itself can be seen in a feeling.

Deepening happiness as the sun bathes my face.

A bowl of sweet kiwis on a fresh Spring evening.

 Long country drives when I forget time or place.

Building a space for my heart to go roaming.

I take it all in as the moon does the day.

Breathing in, breathing out, I love its simplicity.

The color in my soul helping me break away. 

When life hits me hard and I’m stressed or I’m lonely, 

Feeling lost in a world with its big lion roar, 

I look to my heart and seek through my memory,

Grasping on to that bright yellow hope once more.