Self-care. Seems like a simple concept, right? You, as an individual, are simply taking care of yourself. Self-care is probably close to one of the hardest commitments a university student can fulfill for themselves. Let’s face it, from syllabus week all the way to finals season, it feels like a whirlwind of hustling and bustling. The hectic distress feels like a brand new concept every term. Juggling our school lives and social lives already feels like quite a mission and then we’re also expected to fit self-care somewhere in the middle? I understand. Self-care is easily put on the backburner. We forget to do the little things that genuinely help our mental and physical state.


This isn’t just a little reminder to do a face mask and drink water. This is a reminder to remember to breathe, laugh, and enjoy the little things ...even if that means saying no to a night out and rewatching the same seven seasons of Gilmore Girls while binging on m&ms. Remember to check in with yourself and make the changes you need.


“You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.” - Unknown


Don’t know where to start? Check out UWaterloo’s “Big List of Self-Care”!