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6 Ways University Changes You

University really changes you, trust me. It sounds extremely cliché and what you expect to find on the back of a brochure, but it’s the truth. University flew by and before I knew it, I wasn’t the same person I was in first year, I wasn’t even the same person I was last term. In fact, these years are full of growth and challenges, and you will find yourself slowly starting becoming a different version of yourself.

Overall, I can say that there are a lot of ways that University changes you. Granted, these changes happen at different levels for different people, but here is a list based on my own personal experiences.

1. You become a leader

I don’t do this all the time, and I never used to when I was in high school. But as time has moved on I find myself more inclined to take leadership positions, or simply take on more responsibility instead of just sitting back and watching. This mostly happened through getting involved in extracurriculars, but I find that taking charge has given me such wonderful confidence in my own abilities and has helped me learn so much more than I ever did by sitting on the sidelines.

2. You embrace independence

Being alone used to scare me so much. I hated being alone when I could be surrounded by others. But I’ve learned that it’s okay to be alone; it’s actually pretty nice. It gives you more time to relax and get organized. You don’t always need to be surrounded by other people. Walking to class alone is okay, cooking dinner alone is okay, being independent is okay and University gives that to you without any hesitation.

3. You gain confidence

Seriously, I was the quietest in high school. I was pretty quiet up until two years ago. University gave me the chance to come out of my shell and I’m so grateful for that. If I told anyone who didn’t know me until my third year that I used to be the quietest and shyest person ever, they’d find it hard to believe. From running club meetings and making friends with strangers, to talking to professors, I completely changed. I love being outspoken and confident in who I am, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

4. You learn about money

You may not become better at managing it (I’m not) but you do become way more aware of it. Life is expensive and being on your own teaches you that in the hardest way. From tuition, to rent, to groceries, to utilities, everything adds up cent by cent. Your awareness of how expensive things are increases and while it may not completely change your habits, it does make you more conscious of them.

5. You realize it’s okay to be you

By the end of University, you are okay with doing so many things you never would have thought you’d be okay with. You’ll be okay with crying on the floor of the library or pulling out a junior chicken from your coat pocket in the middle of class. You realize that your threshold for caring about what other people think is a lot larger then you gave it credit for and with that, life becomes about a thousand times easier.

6. You learn what matters to you

The busier you get, the more your priorities shift. You learn to pick and choose your battles. You learn which classes actually make you happy, what extracurriculars you enjoy doing and what people bring positivity into your life. It can be terrifying to let go of things, but you learn what matters and those are the roads you end up following. The busier you are, the easier it is to tell what and who actually makes you happy.


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Mihan Davar

Waterloo '19

Mihan is an Arts and Business co-op student majoring in English Literature and Rhetoric. 
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