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5 Ways to Destress During Midterms

Have a Self Care Night!

Grab your favourite snack, load up your favourite Netflix show, apply a soothing face mask, and light a candle! Nights like these are meant to relax you and clear your mind. Studying all day is stressful and chaotic. Ending the night like this will allow for that mental break; charging you up for another busy day!

Grab Dinner with Friends!

Let’s be honest…who really has time to cook during midterms? Not only does going out for dinner solve that problem, but doing it with friends allows you to take a break from the books and reminds you that you have a social life!

Work Out!

I know! I know! You’re probably thinking: exercise? No thank you! Working out is actually an excellent way to clear your mind. Not only does it keep you physically fit, but it can also improve your mental state. During a stressful time (such as midterm season) it is important that you are not overwhelmed and if you are, you have a way to destress. In this case, it will be by working out!


The best way to collect your thoughts? Music!!! Turn up your favourite songs and dance away all that stress. Do this alone, or even with friends! Make sure your singing at the top of your lungs when you do this. ? 

Take a Nap!

We can all agree that sleeping is the best thing ever. Not only does it feel good, but it also relaxes and gives your mind a break. It doesn’t have to be too long, just a quick one will do too! Power naps > everything.

That is all! I hope you all try at least one of these things to help you destress. Don’t work too hard and good luck on midterms everyone!

Neha Chopra

Waterloo '23

Hi! I am a first year student at The University of Waterloo. I am in Honours Arts, hoping to major in psychology and legal studies. I enjoy reading, writing, volleyball, and meeting new people! I hope to expand my writing skills and learn new aspects. I am super excited to be apart of Her Campus and I can't wait to start reading and writing.
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