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Wear a Mask: A Poem

There once was a guy on a run,

Who huffed like a train in the sun.

As people walked by

They turned ‘round and yelled “Hi:

“Stop going wheeze wheeze in the open!”


If required, wear protection

Over your mouth and nasal sections.

Yes, the masks are not cool,

But it’s the least you can do

To stop going wheeze wheeze in the open.


In our heath education,

We recommend sneezing inculcation.

It’s not very hard;

Just cover your mouth with your arm

To stop going sneeze sneeze in the open.


And while on education,

Hand-washing to some is salvation.

Twenty seconds or more

With soap and water that’s warm

Stops germs roaming free in the open.


We’re in isolation,

And it’s easy to channel frustration.

But those who are scared

Hope you continue to care

And appreciate this love that you’ve shown them.


Inspired by this comic by The Oatmeal: https://twitter.com/oatmeal/status/1100095682617040900


Grace Zou

Washington '22

Hey there! Grace here! I like science, coffee, and cats!
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