9 Activewear Brands to Motivate You to Slay in 2018

It's that time of the year again: you walk into the IMA and all the treadmills are taken, there are five people waiting for the same squat rack, and the amount of runners on the track almost sounds like a stampede. The first few weeks of the new year are upon us and everyone is trying to stick to their resolution of eating healthier and living a more active lifestyle. Not going to lie, it's definitely a challenge. To help you stay motivated and become a healthier and more confident you, here are some cute af gym clothes brands so you can look and feel great while sweating it out.



Created by Whitney Quaresma and Kevin Dorey, Beloforte built this brand with the foundation of passion and creativity to hopefully inspire people. The name is derived from the Portuguese words for beauty & strength. I would definitely feel empowered just by wearing their athletic clothing.


2. Adanola

"Adanola is a facilitator of every day life. Whatever is central to you, we are there to help you lead your everyday life without compromising on style or function. We have our roots set in active wear but we strive to be as adaptable as you are." —from the Adanola website


3. Gymshark

Gymshark's core values are family, progression, and vision. They've been known to sponsor athletes and have created a family among them. Their clothes are innovative and inspiring. They bring ideas and dreams to life. This is a brand more than just about looking good at the gym.


4. XXIV Active

I mean, come on—if Kim Kardashian wears it for athlesiure it must be good, amirite?

Plus, they also have a blog for workout plans and other videos to help you out.


5. Maniere de Voir

Can't go wrong with a super sleek brand with a super sleek name.



Can you even with DOYOUEVEN? I can't.


7. Lou & Grey

We're living in 2018 and this brand is living in 3018 with their ultra-cool, futuristic metallic designs. You'll definitely catch everyone's attention at the gym if you wear their clothes.


8. Outdoor Voices

The goal of Outdoor Voices is to inspire more people to be active on a daily basis. It's not abut who gets there first, but who shows up the most. 



ALALA derives its name from a Greek goddess whose name signifies a battle cry—and if that's not woman power I don't know what is. ALALA is a modern brand for the modern woman who knows how to work hard and play hard.

How could these gorgeous designs not inspired you to hit the gym STAT? After all: New year, new you. Obviously, 2018 will be your year to slay.