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5 Fun Alternatives to the Estrogym

Do you know that you should be working out, but can’t seem to get yourself to that dreaded elliptical machine?  We know the feeling, and we are here to help!  Here are some non-traditional workouts that will get you looking and feeling hot in that new bikini for spring break!

1)   Go for a lovely walk in Forest Park!  Grab your bestie, tie your sneakers, and enjoy the gorgeous views of St. Louis’s gem of a park. Between the beauty of art hill and the charm of the boathouse, you will forget you are even burning those calories!


2)   Play some racquetball! Go to the AC, rent a room with a friend, and use your well-sculpted muscles to strike the balls.  You will not be left disappointed.


3)   Have a Hula Hooping Competition! Snatch a few of your friends, turn on some Shakira, and show how your hips don’t lie.


4)   Zumba time with Lynda at the Estrogym! Get down and dirty with the latest hits! Between Lynda’s strange bark and the inevitable stumble, there is no doubt you’ll end the workout chuckling.


5)   Skate at Steinberg Skating Rink! Walk just across Forest Park, tie your skates, and glide across the glistening ice!  Did you know that ice-skating is known for sculpting your glutes?

Nicole Andrzejewski
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