Why Pure Barre is the Perfect Workout

If you’re anything like I am, you probably suffer from getting easily bored during your workouts. After nearly a semester of daydreaming on the treadmill and dreading dumbbell sets, I rediscovered my love for Pure Barre.

Pure Barre is a full body workout for any fitness level targeting all the major muscle groups: legs, arms, glutes, and especially the core. These tiny, yet complex, movements are tricky and leave you feeling sore, and stronger the next day. Pure Barre studios generally offer three types of classes ranging from 45 minutes to an hour including classic, reform, and empower. “Classic” classes are made up of high-intensity yet low-impact strength exercises using a resistance band, a ball, free weights, and of course, the barre. “Reform” classes are meant to reshape and refine muscles as well as improve balance and coordination using resistance bands and sliders. “Pure Empower” is 45 minutes of fast-paced cardio-based exercise that burns calories fast and leaves you out of breath. Specific locations offer specialty classes including ab or thigh intensives to concentrate on particular areas of the body.

Pure Barre truly offers a workout style for everyone. In each class, there is always a wide range of skill levels—from the Pure Barre pros to the beginners— and instructors are there to help you if you get lost. One of my favorite parts about Pure Barre is the encouraging and fun atmosphere. Instructors make it their goal to encourage the class and push individuals to be better than the last time they worked out. They also make a concerted effort to learn everyone’s names and develop a relationship with individuals to motivate them more deeply.

Pure Barre is a fantastic stress reliever. Since each movement requires such a high level of concentration and engagement, I never find my mind wandering. The focus these exercises demand allows class participants to forget about external stressors quickly. After every class, I leave feeling refreshed, accomplished, and excited at the idea of being one step closer to my fitness goals. If you need to modify movements, there is never any shame in that, or, if you want to attack every challenge, instructors always welcome the enthusiasm and push you out of your comfort zone.

The one downside to Pure Barre is the price. Individual classes are $20, so if you’re someone who wants to go every day, this can add up quickly. However, the Pure Barre in Reynolda Village offers student packs of $99 per month which gives unlimited access to every type of class for the entire month. Additionally, if you’re looking to try a new form of exercise, want an activity to do with friends, or even want to get off campus for a stroll in Reynolda, pop into a Pure Barre class, and give it a try!

Looking for more information? Click here: https://purebarre.com/technique/new-to-purebarre/