Tips on Transitioning from the Gym to Home Workouts

Trying to stay in shape at home, now that I’m 2,000 miles away from our beloved Reynolds Gym and legally prohibited from using most accessible spaces, has been a learning experience. Trying to maintain a similar routine without the same equipment or facilities has forced me to be creative and push myself to limits outside of my comfort zone, and for this my body is thanking me.

  1. 1. Get a jump rope.

    If you’re anything like me, you’d rather do pretty much anything than go for a jog, but cardio is a must, whether the goal is in regard to heart health or weight loss. Finding something you can do whenever, wherever, and that may not seem as daunting as running, has allowed me to incorporate cardio into my routine in a way that I actually enjoy.

  2. 2. Utilize your body weight.

    You don't need dumbbells or a squat rack to build muscle. There are plenty of ways to modify bodyweight workouts to increase the intensity and get the same effects. Try incorporating pulses into practically any exercise or using various heavy items such as full milk jugs to replace weights. 

    1. 3. Construct a workout space.

      For me, this means setting up my yoga mat and other equipment, turning on a fan, dimming the lights, and turning on a speaker; but whatever it is, creating a space without obstacles or interruptions is crucial for setting yourself up for success.

    2. 4. Create a routine.

      Now that I have a lot more flexibility with my time, carving out a time every day (or however often) to fit a workout in has been extremely helpful in maintaining consistency and motivating myself - now it’s just become a normal part of my daily routine. 

    3. 5. Learn.

      If you’re used to going to an instructor-taught class for your workouts and have little idea of what to do on your own, do some research! The internet has thousands of free workout videos, exercise plans, demonstration videos, and various tips to help make the at-home workout successful and effective.