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Put Down Those Dumbbells; Time to Prioritize Your Social Wellness

As the leaves are beginning to fall and midterms start piling up, it can become easy to forget about your health – all aspects of your health. Yes, maybe you haven’t been hitting the gym like you usually do. And yes, maybe that diet of Starbucks and cereal won’t get you far. But once this stressful period ends and you get back on your regular schedule it’s important to focus on another aspect of your life that is easily swept under the rug – your social wellness.

Now, what is social wellness? Social wellness is the way in which we build healthy relationships with those around us, bringing us support and happiness. Okay, this sounds easier said than done as sometimes college may seem like your surrounded by a bunch of acquaintances rather than the life-long friendships you built through years of high school. Well first, take a step back, you’re in your early years of college those relationships will build – don’t worry. But, it’s important to focus on building relationships so that you have a support group and begin to develop those long-lasting friendships.

First things first, look in on yourself. Reflect on what you like and don’t like. What people do you appear to connect with and how? By looking at the kind of friends you want and the kind of relationships you want, your social wellness becomes focused and you are more prepared to set out and build new relationships.

Joining a club, organization or team is probably the easiest way to improve your social wellness. By becoming part of a group, you are easily able to find like-minded people and make friends with similar interests to you. By joining a team, you are also opening yourself to new experiences and new hobbies that you may find out you love.

While I’m pushing that you go out and make friends. Don’t let FOMO run your life. You don’t need to go to every party or every event. Sometimes a lunch is the simplest way to fit friendship into your busy college schedule. On that note, don’t be afraid to make the first move, invite a new friend to grab food or to study. Odds are they are just alone as you are and wanting some company.

Now this last one goes without saying but TURN OFF YOUR PHONE. We all know how rude it is when you’re talking to someone and, all of a sudden, they are more interested in an Instagram post than having a face to face conversation with you. This is how you build bad relationships and repel possible friendships. Snapchat can wait. Take a moment to focus on who’s in front of you and connecting with people in real life.

Take some time to take care of yourself and build a healthy environment in which you will be able to thrive. Everything is easier with people beside you so set out and build those friendships. Social wellness matters too!



Caroline Zaelke

Wake Forest '22

Caroline is a current student at Wake Forest University where she plans on double majoring in Business Administration and English. When she is not writing and reading, you can find Caroline on the sidelines cheering on the Demon Deacons as a member of the Wake Forest Dance Team. She also enjoys hiking, snowboarding, and most importantly blasting Kesha and tearing up the dance floor with her friends.
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