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5 Goals for this Upcoming Semester

Well, once again we have been introduced to a brand new year, a year full of new adventures, experiences and classes. Although it is a chance to start fresh, the instagram caption “new year, new me” is overused and overly ambitious. I’d like to believe that we can just become brand new people when the clock turns to midnight, but that is just not how life works. Rather than trying to completely change who we are overnight, it is easier to set specific goals or “resolutions” to improve ourselves.

First semester of my sophomore year was long and strenuous and there are definitely some things that I could have done differently. For this new year and semester, there are a couple of things that I can do to improve my body, grades and health. Below, I have compiled a list of those goals that anyone can agree with.

1. Study More

Let’s face it, studying is incredibly boring. But, yes, I do need to pass those exams. Something that I learned from this past semester is that cramming information in your head for a midterm is not going to help when that final exam sneaks up. I really need to take the time to actually understand what I am reading in that incredibly long chapter for accounting.

By taking notes and highlighting main topics, I could prepare myself for midterms and finals. If you’re looking for new methods to studying, Pinterest has some great ideas!  

2. Go to the Gym
I need to be up in the gym and working on my fitness because it is a great stress reliever! The gym can be a place to relieve stress over a failed test, build strength or hang out with friends.

Getting into a fitness routine doesn’t have to be a huge challenge. Jumpstart your attitude by making a couple of easy goals each day and just meeting those. The first goal can be as easy as setting foot in the gym. Once you’ve got that down, plan to walk on the treadmill and do some ab workouts. Easing into it in the beginning will make you feel like you are accomplishing your goals and will make you strive to do more.  

3. Eat Healthier

All my love to Chick-Fil-A, but I need to start eating salads instead of fries. I find it quite hard to eat healthier when you go to the school with the best food in the country. There are definitely healthy options available to us but there’s also Qdoba! Oh well, a couple carrots couldn’t hurt. Baby steps.

4. Spend Time with Friends
Besides family, friends can be the most important things in our lives. They are there for advice, a good laugh and a shoulder to cry on. Friends will have your back when other people let you down. Making time to spend time with your friends through the hectic days of studying and working can make for a great escape from it all.

5. Stress Less

One of the worst parts of college is the amount of stress that students feel. From completing homework assignments to studying for exams while still making time for yourself and friends, it is easy to put a strain on your health and body. I hope to find a way to balance these things and pick up a relaxing hobby. I want to remember all of the good memories and smiles rather than those nights worried about passing exams.


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