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How to Achieve Inner Peace

As we say hello to a new school year, we’re also welcoming the load of responsibilities that come with being students. Let’s be honest, every year we say to ourselves, “this year I’m going to change something.” It’s usually said with the best intentions in mind, but sometimes life and responsibilities have a way of leading us astray from our main goal: happiness.

When we notice ourselves lacking something in our daily routine, it may be that we should be more mindful of our own emotions and helpful to practice these five methods. It may help to pick just one to work on, or you could even try them all. Set a timeline for yourself and notice how you feel during that time while using one or all of these tips. 


1. Practice gratitude

This is one of the biggest and most important steps to achieving inner peace. In order to be content with life, we have to be able to recognize the good things that come our way. When it comes to gratitude, there isn’t anything grandiose or complicated about what we choose to be thankful for. It could be the way the sun shines through the window one morning, being able to wake up on time for class or even preparing a new dish on your own. 


2. Accept things that we cannot change

This one is definitely easier said than done. Of course, if something in our lives can be changed, then by all means, we should make the effort to correct it. However, some things that are outside of our control – if a plan falls through, unexpected hardship, people letting us down. We just have to look at it objectively and say to ourselves, “this just happened, and it’s okay. I will get through this.” The truth is that no one’s life will be a straight and easy path. Things will happen. It’s the way we deal with it that can effect our lives or our personal energy that we emit into the world.


3. Listen to our bodies

What makes us feel good? What makes us feel not as good? It’s important to learn the distinction between these, because we have to live in this body. We need to learn what to do to keep it running smoothly – exercise, a balanced diet, rest and social interaction are just a few things that have shown to boost a person’s mood and overall health.


4. Practice mindfulness

When we have busy schedules, it’s hard to part from them to experience what’s going on around us. This step coincides with the practicing gratitude, because in order to do that, we have to be aware of the things we experience in life as they happen. Notice what’s around you: trees, buildings, the sun shining down on your face, birds chirping, etc. Then notice how it makes you feel. We have to remember that there is life all around us and sometimes we just have to stop to admire it.


5. Set a goal

It’s important to have aspirations in life, because that’s what keeps us going. It also boosts our self-confidence and productivity levels. The goal we set doesn’t have to be anything extreme, it can be something miniscule and you build from there. For example, one could set a goal to run a little further next time at the gym or study a little more for a test. It could even be a goal to become more social. Whatever it is, it’s important to congratulate yourself after you accomplish it. That way, we are showing ourselves that we truly can do whatever we’re focused on.

Any one of these steps can lead to a sense of inner-peace and satisfaction, it just takes a little work and patience. Once you’ve accomplished these, I guarantee that you will be well on your way to achieving inner peace and satisfaction with your body and the world around you.


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Brezaja is a sophomore studying film in the School of the Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University. When not writing articles for Her Campus at VCU, you can usually find them endlessly browsing Netflix or checking social media, mostly Instagram and Twitter. They try to be as open-minded as possible, and don't mind having conversations with others about social issues. After college, they dream of being an art director for films.
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