5 Unique Things to do in RVA This Spring!

Spring is finally here! 


Although the weather is not yet matching the fun and free Spring vibes we’d all rather be experiencing, it's time to come out of hibernation and start making some plans and RVA is the perfect place to start. Richmond is filled with fun places to go to and explore aside from Belle Isle. This post is specifically dedicated to the wonderful city of Richmond, and some of the hidden activities it has to offer. I’ve put together a list of some activities below that you can do this Spring that might be new to you.

1. Tubing, Kayaking and Rafting on the James  


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Regardless of if you are a Richmond local or come from a different area of the state or country, visiting Belle Isle always comes up whenever trying to get to know the city. So many of us have walked the bridge to get to the Isle, laid on the rocks and caught a major tan. However, it’s time to rediscover the James! There are plenty of water activities that you can do on the James and many businesses nearby that either rent out the gear required to do so or give tours. Get to know the wild side of the river and try out tubing, kayaking, or rafting this Spring. 

2. Walk, Run, or Bikes the Virginia Capital Trail  


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There are many of us that find our own version of peace (or thrill) when being outdoors, so this activity is perfect for almost anyone. We’ve all visited the canal walk and have gone through the slave trail, and though these are both beautiful places to visit it’s time to venture past these very limited areas. The Virginia Capital Trail is a 52-mile trail is suitable for all ages and begins at the Canal Walk and leads you through all the way to Williamsburg. It is a journey in itself and accessible 24-7 for those of you looking to explore Richmond.

3. Thrifting  


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Still thinking about re-wearing the same Spring outfits from last year? You no longer need to! The thrift stores that Richmond offers are all unique and depending on which one you go to, seem to have items that are always very on-trend. In the Carytown district of the city, there are multiple places to visit such as Ashby’s, Second Debut by Goodwill, Clementine and Buffalo Exchange being the newest one added. At most of these places, you can also sell your clothes, so it’s a win-win! If you’ve never tried thrifting, here are some tips:

  • Be open to the merchandise - Although knowing exactly what you want is important so you don’t splurge your paycheck, really look at the merchandise available and experiment with your style.
  • Wear comfy clothes - Remember that you are going to be trying on clothes, so don’t wear things that are complicated to get in/out of. 

4. Visit a Comedy Club  


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Have you ever thought about doing standup? Or at least watching someone else perform it? Richmond has two hidden gems that are worth the ticket entry (which are usually around $10). 

The closest Comedy Club to the VCU campus, Coalition Theatre, is a short 1010-minute drive away located in South Side. These comedy clubs offer shows, classes and internships! Maybe going to see a show will land you the perfect summer internship you’ve been looking for. (Still not sure? There are some skits and shows on YouTube so you know what to expect.)

5. Paint and Sip!


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 About two years ago, the paint and sip trend went wild, and many shops dedicated to just that popped up all over Richmond. If you’re of age, this option will certainly set you loose and bring out your creative expression! With prices varying from around $20 to more than $50, this activity depends on your budget.  The budget-friendly option is to grab a couple of your friends and hit up the craft store to buy the supplies in bulk. Then, head to the convenient store and grab some food to snack on and beverages to sip on. You will then have everything you need to have your Paint and Sip at any spot in the city that catches your eye. Some recommendations include:

  • Libby Hill Outlook - Includes a wonderful view of the river and the city
  • Museum District - Tour the museum first and find your muse before you paint
  • James River - Who doesn't love a good painting of a sunset?


I hope you all consider the suggestions I've provided and find a way to go outside of your comfort zone this Spring. Remember that there is so much more to this city than what you might usually gravitate towards, so try to discover some new passions and hobbies!