3 Woman-Led Instagram Accounts That Will Revolutionize Your Feed

Nothing was more harrowing than having to come up with an order to put these accounts in, so, for the record, there is no order. They all inspire me to be my best self in their unique ways.

  1. 1. Mira Mariah aka @girlknewyork

    Brooklyn-based tattoo artist and my personal favorite human, Mira Mariah posts jaw-dropping tattoos on the daily that are going to make you put "get a tattoo by girlknewyork" on your bucket list.

    Mariah is just as amazing as her art. Really, she does it all. On @girlknewyork, Mariah talks about everything from her experiences with social media to living with a disability to being a mother. She's a hard worker who's open about the struggles she faces, making her a really good choice for a role model. 

    My favorite days are the days when I see she's doing a Q&A session, where she typically answers anything from how to tell a romantic partner that you need more from the relationship, to what to wear to your best friend's birthday party.

  2. 2. Nedra Glover Tawwab aka @nedratawwab

    Delivering the wisdom that only an experienced therapist has, in bite-sized pieces, is what makes Nedra Glover Tawwab's Instagram account such a great follow. On her page, you'll find tips for dealing with anything from burnout to managing emotionally distant parents in easy-to-read lists that might only take up a minute your day but can lead to life-changing decisions and realizations. By taking her point of view public on Instagram, Tawwab is actively helping make insight like this more accessible.

    My favorite posts are the ones she makes about establishing boundaries in relationships because the process is something that can be so sensitive even though it's vital we do it. Tawwab's post on protective boundaries totally woke me up to how some of the things we might do on a daily basis deserve some deeper reflection. Before following her account, I had no idea I could make the conscious decision to prioritize my health while I was struggling over comforting my friends and giving them advice.

    There's a lot of helpful content on @nedratawwab, but if you feel like @nedratawwab doesn't have the post you need (well, I'm guessing you probably just haven't found it in her feed yet), Tawwab hosts Q&A sessions on Mondays where you can politely request a topic.

  3. 3. Gabi Abrão aka @sighswoon

    Brazilian artist Gabi Abrão is one of the few people in my following tab who genuinely brings a smile to my face when I see her on my feed. From memes that demystify self-reflection to ones that encourage you to practice more self-compassion, @sighswoon has got you set for a mindful social media experience that's not only casual but welcoming and non-judging.

    She also posts really accessible guides that are perfectly personal while still being informative, usually on topics that can be really challenging for people (my personal faves are her guides on meditation and "How To Heal Heartbreak"). 

    Overall, following @sighswoon has made me stop more often to appreciate how beautifully transient life can be. Abrão preaches the value of letting your identity be fluid and the importance of rejecting anything that would confine it (yes, I'm sorry, that includes zodiac signs). One of her mantras is, "I am constantly shapeshifting, adapting and evolving," and honestly, we should all say that to ourselves in the mirror before heading out for the day.

I could really write about what amazing influences these ladies are all day.