Why It Is Okay If You Do Not Graduate Within Four Years!

"They" as in the education system, say it takes 4 years to earn a Bachelor's degree. However, studies shown most college students do not earn their degree within four years. According to the New York Times online, "Ony 19% of college students earn their degree in four years". Recently, I have been beating myself up because once I get done with school, it will have took me 5 1/2 years to earn my degree. I am constantly making excuses to take away the shame. Yes, I did take a semester off, transfer schools and I am just now getting into my major.

Self reflect and realize, it is okay. There is no rush. Once we stop comparing ourselves to others accomplishments, we can find peace with ourselves.You may feel like your are not where you are supposed to be at a certain age because of  what you see and hear from others around your age group. Lets stop measuring ourselves to others. Look at your own progress. Are you proud of what you achieve thus far?  I remember having lunch with my friend and we were talking about boys and relationships. Three specific words she said that stuck with me were simply, "And that's okay." It is indeed okay. Different majors, require different classes.

Everyone is very peculiar. Some mortals take off semesters for their own personal reasoning, some majors require very difficult and challenging classes. Some students, study abroad and some take less classes because it can be cheaper with how expensive college is these days. The point is, we all move in different rates in life.

In conclusion, everyone learns at different paces. There can be problems going on in their personal lives. Some like myself might take the semester off to participate in the Disney College Program or just need time to self reflect.

So I am here to tell you that it does not indeed matter how long it takes you to finish your degree, as long as you try your best and give it your all. It is okay if it takes you longer than 4 years to complete your degree. And I do not know about you, but take advantage of being in college. Their is so many benefits, discounts and adventures in school.

Exploring different clubs, meeting new people, going to sporting events is a few of many fortunes we encounter. When I am done with school, I will definitely miss the campus life the utmost. But give it all you got and if it ends up happening it ends up happening and last but not least it is undeniably okay.