Themes to Look for in the Black Panther Movie

What this article is NOT: chock full of spoilers, in-depth description of specific scenes, or a movie review 

What this article IS: a resource for reflecting on or preparing for the movie! Who says we can't think back and look ahead simultaneously?

First and foremost, can we just give credit where credit is due? Ryan Kyle Coogler is doing the darn thing! *round of applause to him and his craft* If you didn't experience his true artistry in Fruitvale Station and Creed, then add that to your list of things to do. We have to appreciate and support Black Hollywood because that demographic is on the come-up and we (EVERYONE) has to be accepting and willing to acknowledge it. Don't even get me started on the cast. I don't think it could have been cast any better than it was--they all portrayed their characters perfectly. I almost forgot it was fiction (a very sad reality that sets in when the credits roll). Which by the way, if you aren't a seasoned Marvel moviegoer, you may want to stick around at the end of the movie. There are extra scenes both mid-credits and post-credits. 

Without getting too into the storyline, a few things should be noted:

Black Culture: This is a dead give-away because...look at the cast *raises fist* but even though one of the main settings in the movie is Wakanda (on the continent of Africa), there is still plenty of lingo that we use here in the U.S. today. Lots of instances that are #relatable outside of the whole superpowers thing.

Loyalty: Something that is widely talked about in the African American community and an understood expectation across the board. The divide between African and African Americans was depicted and discussed by characters in the movie, which I appreciated. Sometimes we have tunnel vision, but we fail to realize that our perspective isn't the only one that matters just because it is the perspective that we are most familiar with.

We Are Family: Again, much of the movie's setting was on the continent of Africa, yet the different tribes embodied their own uniqueness. This is a fact that people often forget, even people who a part of the culture themselves. Just because our skin pigmentation is similar doesn't mean that we agree. But in that same respect, there is an insurmountable bond that we share of struggle traced right back to the Motherland herself.

Our Value=Our Greatest Weapon: Other than living in a place that is so saturated with pride and tradition, the people of Wakanda were protecting a gem. It had potential to change the world if it were discovered by foreigners. Weapons can be used in time of need or used frivolously and they knew the magnitude of what they possessed. We all have a little Vibranium in us, I believe. Whether people feel threatened or envious shouldn't be the immediate focus. 

There is POWER in Unity: It is okay to establish differences or to agree to disagree, but when it is decided that the cause is much more important than the conflict of interest, a lot can be accomplished. This is pretty generic, buuuuttt totally applicable: Teamwork makes the dream work! There is always something that can be done, we just have to combine talents and honor one another's point of view. 

This is certainly the highlight of my Black History Month. Black Panther was truly a feel-good movie. It gives all kinds of entertainment and was definitely made for viewers of ALL ages. I can't wait to educate my children (that I may or may not have 10 years from now) on what will be history and pure greatness. Present day, I am enjoying seeing all of the pictures of people showing up and showing out! What a time to be alive!! Don't worry, this won't be the last we see of Black Panther. He'll be back in Avengers: Infinity War-coming to a theater near YOU on May 4, 2018. Let the countdown begin :)