8 Signs Your Senioritis is Kicking In

Senioritis levels are at an all time high during this part of the semester. The last semester of college will always be the most stressful semester of your entire college career. Graduation invites, pictures, and cap and gown costs, on top of all of the upper level coursework you have to complete will put you in an early grave! Who wants to deal with all of that when there's sleep? Here are some signs that senioritis has made its way to you!

1. Whenever you're doing something important, all you can think about is sleeping.

You find yourself daydreaming about your bed quite often.

2. You find yourself procrastinating with your schoolwork, but it gets done on time.

 Somehow you can a start an assignment 10 minutes before it's due and, miraculously, you finish on time.

3. You're the laziest you've ever been.

Sometimes you don't eve understand how you've gotten as far as you have.

4. Your professors begin to understand your laziness. 

Professors start offerring extra credit and began to believe your lies about why you're slacking.

5. Your parents are hassling you about graduation every 5 minutes. 

You don't even bother to call your parents anymore because you know you'll get lectured about why you haven't planned for graduation.

6. Sleeping in is appreciated way more than it used to be. 

Once you get the chance to sleep in, you make sure everything goes as planned so you can get the maximum amount of hours of sleep.

7. You get jealous of juniors and sophomores because they don't know how good they have it. 

Juniors and seniors are telling you about tests that you already took the previous year and it doesn't even compare to what you have on your plate.

8. You barely have any time for your organizations anymore. 

You find yourself too busy to do anything with your organization and no one even realizes you're still a member.

It's tough, but hang in there seniors. It's almost over! HCXO!