5 Slept On VSU Study Spots

Spring semester is flying by, and that means it's time to hit the books and add a few last minute points to your GPA. Finding a good study spot on campus can be hard sometimes, especially during midterms and finals week. Here are a few of my favorite "slept on" study spots around VSU campus:

1. Outside Odum LibraryWhen the weather's nice, the front patio of Odum is the perfect place to study. You can enjoy the fresh air while cramming for a history test, or eat lunch and talk with friends outside. 

2. Odum Library First Floor

For some reason, most people study on the second and third floors of Odum, which means the first floor usually has lots of open tables. If you prefer big windows and a little background noise, the tables right outside the New Media Center (first photo) are perfect. 

3. Bailey Science Center 

The tables on the second and third floors of Bailey are a great place to do some last minute studying or homework in between classes. Plus, there's a computer lab a couple doors down. Don't worry, the science majors won't mind! (Seriously, we don't care).

4. Student Union Rotunda 

The Student Union rotunda is another great study spot if you don't mind a little background noise. It's perfectly located right next to Starbucks, just in case you need a little coffee to keep you focused. Be warned though; the upper rotunda can get a little chilly when the air conditioners are turned on. 

5. VSU Front LawnThe front lawn is without a doubt the most iconic spot on campus. Not only is it great for tanning and taking mid-day naps in a hammock, it's also great for studying! Bring your books, a blanket, and a few snacks. Just watch out for stray soccer balls and ultimate frisbee players. 

Finding a comfortable study space can help avoid some stress and hair pulling before a big test. So grab those books and head to your favorite study spot!