5 Non- Traditional Self Care Tips

Self-Care isn’t always doing a face mask and getting manicures. There are different things you can do to attribute your happiness and peace! So, here we go!

  1. Read a Book: Reading is super relaxing. Having time to yourself to invest in a story that isn’t your everyday life can prove to be a great thing!
  2. Take a nap: We’ve all heard the phrase “90% of my problems could be solved with sleep” and I fully believe in that! So much of our everyday stress can be triggered by a lack of sleep, so instead of doing that homework early, how about you take a nap. It can wait. Treat yo’ self!
  3. See a movie by yourself: This is something that took a very long time for me to become okay with. This is super liberating! This is especially awesome for introverts who still like to be around people. You’re in the theater with a million people, but minus all the awkward small talk.
  4. Go for a walk: Walking is so underrated. Don’t run, just walk somewhere you never have before. No pressure to look at anything, just walking somewhere to quiet your mind. Listen to music or don’t. It’s wildly relaxing!