3 Things to Know Before you Attempt Meditation/ Yoga

A very common thing college students do to clear their mental state from rent, exams, papers, and work is meditating. Meditation and yoga helped me personally in a multitude of ways, but I held back on doing it for so many years simply because I kept thinking I was doing it wrong, and it was way too hard to grasp. If you have the same mindset old me used to have, I can give you three reasons as to why you should stop making excuses for not doing yoga or meditating.  

1.Meditation is completely tailored to YOUR needs.

Everyone's meditation experience is different because everyone meditates for different reasons. You have to look at yourself and think about your intention for practicing meditation and figure out what works best for you.


2. It’s ok to set boundaries!

My biggest excuse for not doing yoga was that I might not be flexible or strong enough to do it. But after going to a few classes and observing the room, I realized that it was 100% normal to not be able to do everything the instructor is able to do. Everyone’s body has limitations and no one is going to laugh at you or make you feel bad for not being able to a pose. Yoga is a safe space for everyone. Also if you do not feel comfortable in a certain position you can make a modified version of it that makes you more comfortable!


3. It actually does work.

Meditation is not going to make you reach the avatar state or float in the air, or bring you to complete nirvana after one session. But it will even out your headspace, relax your body and mind, and make you feel good overall. After doing an hour of yoga and meditation I feel so relaxed and awakened. The slow pace and deep mental clearing I experience during yoga is very important for me to have, and if you have a high-stress life like most college students do it could help you navigate it with a lot more ease.