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Trying to lead a healthy lifestyle can be difficult for any college student. CHAARG aims to ignite a passion for college women to become more involved in their health and fitness.  CHAARG stands for changing health, attitudes, and actions to recreate girls. The elliptical is not the only tool you have in a gym to become healthy! CHAARG liberates women from this mindset and shows them how fitness can and should be fun. Since everyone has their own preference of what fun looks like they provide the opportunity for their girls to "find their fit". They do this by partnering with local studios once a week to lead a workout. Some examples of these studio lead workouts are Crossfit, Pure Barre, and salsa dancing! Becoming part of CHAARG means that you are welcomed into a supportive and empowering community of over 5,000 women! When you workout, you feel good but, when you surround yourself with people to support you, you feel even better. CHAARG combines good friends and a good workout to keep every girl feeling her happiest healthiest self.

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