Natural Ways to Relieve Anxiety

Anxiety is something we all deal with. Whether it is constant, or random feelings of anxiety, there are many ways to overcome your stress and worries through remedies you can create within your own home.

1. Drink Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is great to drink when you are feeling anxious as itf contains both apigenin and luteolin which promote relaxation.

2. Diffuse Lavender Oil

The scent of lavender is extremely calming and has been shown to alleviate symptoms of anxiety. One way to incorporate lavender oil is through message.

3. Meditate

Taking the time to distance yourself from distractions and to be alone with your surroundings allows you to put your thoughts into perspective. Meditation is beneficial as it quiets the overactive mind. Meditating 10-15 minutes every morning or night is a great way to introduce it into your everyday routine.

Anxiety is a common thing, that most people suffer from. It is important that we don't feel as though we are alone and that we find ways to take care of our bodies and heal from within. I hope these at home tips help to relieve your anxieties. Thank you for reading.

XOXO HC Readers