Ashley Boulos: Aspiring Naturopathic Doctor

I was given the opportunity to finally sit down with my lovely sister Ashley, who happens to be a former student of the University of Windsor. She has decided to follow her passion for health and nutrition by studying to become a dietician - and eventually a naturopathic doctor. I sat down with her today to learn some more in- depth facts about nutrition that I believe we can all benefit from.

Year: Class of 2019

Major: Bachelor of Science (Food and Nutrition)

Hometown: Windsor

Relationship Status: Sorry boys, she's taken!

As students, we all struggle with hectic schedules when balancing work, school, and a social life. What do you recommend for students looking to improve their diets without having a lot of time to commit to a strict routine?

Personally, this is something that I am currently having difficulties with. However, I find that preparation and repetition are key. The best advice I could give people is to meal prep!! Like you said, we are all very busy, so healthy and convenient food is ideal. My personal favourite meal to prep for the the week is my breakfast. I like to prepare overnight -oats! They are so simple and taste amazing.


What types of on-the-go healthy snacks would you suggest for students to bring to school and work?

The types of on-the-go snacks that I would suggest would be:

- cut up veggies with hummus

- sliced fruit with yogurt

- rice cakes and peanut butter

- salad with mixed veggies and balsamic- or oil-based dressing (avoid any creamy or heavy fat dressings Ex; caesar, ranch, french)

- meal prepped chicken with broccoli and sweet potatoes makes a great lunch as well!


Being a student without a doubt has its expenses. Although going to a fancy gym with a spa and personal trainer would be fabulous, it is more of a luxury than a necessity. What types of at- home exercises would you recommend to us students who want to stay in shape without breaking the bank?

Yes, as a student it is very expensive to pay monthly membership fees to a gym. Some at- home workouts that I love to do are:

- lifting free weights (you can find these for cheap at second-hand stores)

- ab circuits

- squats

- lunges

- jump rope

I am a big believer in stretching! I like to stretch before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning. And I think the best workout for me that makes me instantly happy is putting on my favourite music as (I’m) dancing in my living room.... With the blinds shut of course ;)

At the end of the week, students want nothing more than to unwind with their friends and let off some steam. It is no secret that alcohol isn't exactly beneficial for our bodies. This being said, what kind of drink recipes are low calorie and not as damaging to our bodies?

Correct! Although alcohol isn’t that great for us, a drink every once in awhile won’t do any damage. A lot of alcohol has a high sugar content which not only leads to weight gain, but is the reason why we sometimes unfortunately wake up with a hangover.  A glass of red wine is a great option, or a vodka water with a few drops of a water enhancer like mio. I recommend avoiding sugary beverages such as, coolers, mixed drinks with sodas, juices and energy drinks.

I hope all of you HC Readers enjoyed this post and learned some great tips and tricks to staying healthy this school year! Take care HC Readers, XO.