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Having a mental breakdown or feeling overwhelmed or having a panic attack is never a good feeling. Something that helps me to calm down is listening to music that I find to be soothing. It's not the cure-all, but it helps to ease my mind and settle down. So, I'll share some of the top tracks from my Spotify playlist that have this effect on me. 

Simple Man (cover) by Jensen Ackles & Jason MannsYou might know the name Jensen Ackles if you're a fan of the show Supernatural. He's my favorite actor and didn't know that he was also an amazing singer until a few years ago. This cover of a famous Lynrd Skynrd song is my favorite. There's just something that's soothing about his voice. It's like a verbal hug. 

Girl Crush (cover) by Harry Styles

As those who know me know that Harry Styles means a great deal to me. This is one of my favorite covers that he's done. His voice has always been a sense of comfort to me, so when I listen to it when I'm overwhelmed or having a panic attack, I calm down instantly. Not to be that fan, but Harry's like my security blanket. 

Burning House (cover) by Chris Kroeze

I've always loved the original of this song that was originally by the country singer Cam. I first heard the Voice season 15 runner-up Chris Kroeze sing it when I went to his hometown show in Barron earlier this year. Hearing his take on it is something beautiful. 

Flicker by Niall Horan

While this song is so heartbreaking, it's so beautiful. There's a lot of emphasis on Niall's voice rather than the music behind him, which makes it more comforting and sound more raw. The lyrics flow together so beautifully and are so poetic. Hearing him sing this live at his Flicker concert last year was an experience in itself because you can hear the emotion in his voice and how raw it is - it made me cry because of how beautiful it is. 

Hey Angel by One Direction

This song isn't appreciated enough by Directioners and it makes me mad. This is one of my favorite songs on One Direction's Made in the AM album. This is going to make me sound psycho, but when I listen to it, it's like the boys are talking to me and telling me how it's ultimately going to be okay and that I'm a good person and all of that.

Once Upon a Dream by Lana Del Rey

This is my favorite version of this song. I absolutely love every single thing that Lana Del Rey comes out with. This has such a slow and slightly haunting vibe, but it's comforting all in the same. 

I Love You by Billie Eilish

At least one Billie song had to be included. This song in particular is one of my current obsessions and it's so beautiful. It's more focused on her vocals, which gives you something to focus on and get your mind off of your current state of mind. 

The Weight (cover) by Jason Manns, Jensen Ackles, Rob Benedict, Gil McKinney, Richard Speight Jr. 

Another song featuring Mr. Ackles of course. However, this song isn't purely Jensen as you can see. It's a bunch of others along with him. This song has an upbeat tune to it, but it's a nice and comforting upbeat. The chorus sings about taking a load off and loading it onto the person, which is basically saying "tell me what's wrong." For me, this song is comforting in that way because while I'm not talking to anyone, it's telling me that it's okay to cry and just take the load off my shoulders by letting it out. 

Sunflower by Shannon Purser

This song is the main song of my favorite movie, Sierra Burgess is a Loser. It's one of those songs that I empathize with extremely and while it has a sad meaning about not fitting in, it has a calming tune to it. However, it's calling myself a sunflower, which are beautiful anyway. It's a relaxing and calming tune. 

I have so many more songs that I could include on this list, but I'm afraid we don't have the space for all of them. If you want more, look up my It's Ok playlist on Spotify or click there to be linked directly. 


I like cats, the Green Bay Packers, and One Direction. That's about it.
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