I Started Taking Collagen Supplements and it Changed the Whole Game

About a month ago, I had an emergency problem. My nails were thin and my skin tone was uneven. I was drinking water by the gallons and I was trying my hardest to keep a healthy diet, but nothing was really working as well as I wanted it to. That's when I decided to look in collagen supplements, more commonly known as Skin, Hair, and Nails supplements. I found some at Walmart that looked like this: 

Obviously, I was drawn to these because the pills are PINK, but I had to do a little more looking at ingredients first. Apparently, the "higher quality" collagen pills didn't have soybean and other filler oils in it and the one pictured above did. If I was going to do this, I was going to do it right so I decided to go with a brand called Neocell. Here is what it looks like:

The directions say to take three pills twice a day preferably with an empty stomach. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy. According to my mother, (a genius), they just want me to use up the bottle faster so I buy more and that two pills once a day will work just fine. 

So you might be wondering how my collagen journey is going. Well, it's going pretty darn spectacular actually. My nails are super thick and strong and they have grown to record lengths. Everyone compliments me on my "fake nails" and they don't believe me when I tell them that they are real. I also noticed that my acne has cleared up considerably and my skin tone is looking much more even, meaning no dark spots or red spots. 

So the bottom line is, yes, these things are the bomb. If you struggle with any skin, hair, or nails issues, this is the solution for you!