Take a Walk


We're halfway through the semester, the sun is staying out longer, and there's no better time to get outside. If you're like me, you want to enjoy the sun without the stress of ugly running, and you don't want to sit around right outside your house. I've always loved going for walks, and this Spring, I've come to appreciate them even more. Stressed? Take a walk. Feeling lazy? Take a walk. Bored? Take a walk. It turns out, walking is a pretty good solution to a lot of things. Here are some of the benefits of walking I've been capitalizing on this semester:

Walking is a good way to clear your mind.

You ever have a really stressful day and you just need to breathe? Walking is a great way to forget about homework and drama. Maybe you need to rant to a friend. Walking makes it easy to talk without the temptation to look at your phone that's on the table. It provides a change of scenery, and is a good way to shake out your brain and your body.

Walking is good exercise.

Like I said, running isn't my thing. But I still want to get outside, enjoy the sun, and explore my city in the Spring. Walking isn't hard on your joints like running is, and it allows you to take things at a slower pace without getting too worked up. And who says it's not effective? You can certainly be sore after a good walk. On your marks, get set, WALK!

Walking helps decrease stress.

While clearing your mind, walking can also reduce stress. It's calming to take things at your own pace, and getting outside is sure to lower your stress levels. No desks or notebooks to induce stress, just the sound of the world around you and hopefully, a blue sky. If you need to take a break, it's great to get in a good walk.

Walking can lead to a new discovery.

In this past semester, I've seen a lot of La Crosse that I'd never seen before. I'm a junior and I'm still finding new things in my city. I've caught fun details on houses, found new trails, and even learned things about history--all because I decided to go for a walk. 

So what are you waiting for? Reap some of these benefits and take a walk!