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This Russian Stunt Couple Will Give You Life

Kirya Kolesnikov and Lizzy Isaeva are professional free runners. Freerunning is a mixture of stunt tricks and gymnastics, usually in some sort of environment outside a gym. It’s a lot like Parkour actually. It’s become so popular that it’s under debate on having an Olympic Sport.


Kirya is a professional athlete who works for the Danish Parkour assembly team and athletic wear company, Team JIYO.

Lizzy currently attends Lesgaft National State University of Physical Education, Sport and Health in St. Petersburg.

Honestly, I don’t speak Russian so I don’t really know if they’re a couple but I’m like 98% sure.


I mean, yeah? Anyway, not only are they badass by themselves…

But they frequently appear in each other’s Instagram videos and Sketches are cute af

They’re just out here putting out some really fun content!

Links to Kiyra’s Social Media:







Links to Lizzy’s:





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