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Trying Something New

With a new month, comes new opportunities. November is here, Mercury is finally out of retrograde, and here we are on election night – change is undoubtedly upon us, and I believe this month can be full of incredible positive change if we put our minds to it. This week’s articles fall into a theme of,  ‘New Start November’ – meaning that this month is an opportunity for a fresh start, and trying new things can be a perfect way to begin a new chapter this month. 

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Something I will be trying this month is making new recipes, and getting more creative in the kitchen. While I have always enjoyed cooking, following recipes is not something I normally do. I usually find myself just throwing together the same simple breakfasts, easy lunches and ordering food a little too often for dinners. I think that trying out recipes is a fun way to explore new tastes and save money, while nourishing your body and soul. 


A great way to try out new recipes is to find them from a meaningful source. Maybe it’s a cookbook from a celebrity you like, or some easy recipes from a blogger you follow, or maybe you have a friend or family member who can lend you some of their favorites! 


This week, I got the chance to try out some recipes from @nibblewithnea’s E-Book! Nea is a recent UVM graduate with a passion for cooking and making feel-good recipes. Her Instagram food account ‘@nibblewithnea’ has gained a significant following in recent months, and her mouth-watering recipes are all available in her new E-Cookbook and blog!


Trying out her spring rolls, pumpkin cake, and zucchini margherita pizza were all to die for, and make for such delicious comfort food for this new month! My favorite recipe that I would absolutely recommend to anyone just getting started with baking is her Death By Chocolate oat flour banana bread. This was an experience – so much chocolate that just melts in your mouth, my roommates and I enjoyed this delicious loaf in less than an hour. A MUST try for this season. 


If you’re interested in trying any of Nea’s recipes, head to this link which has her blog, E-Cookbook, and Instagram available – all full of delicious recipes to try. 


With the new month upon us, it is also an important time to pause and check in with ourselves. Before you pick a new thing to try out this month, ask yourself if it will be contributing positively to your life. For me, cooking is going to allow me to try out something new and creative, while also helping me make time to de-stress and practice mindfulness. How will you turn over a new leaf? 


Happy November!





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