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Some Wellness Tips to Reclaim Your Mindfulness

With the structure of our daily routines crumbling by the day as more and more of our jobs, classes and even clubs go virtual, the importance of establishing daily ritual is in the spotlight. With finals week here, spending timeless hours in front of your computer fidgeting your fingers for hours on end becomes so taxing that we often become blind to our motivators and find ourselves procrastinating, overthinking or not satisfied with the work we completed! Just remember that whatever your transcript says at the end of the semester, don’t dwell on what it could have been. Appreciate waking up today, appreciate getting out of bed to brush your teeth. These are trying times and your fortitude does not go unnoticed. Whether you’re at home this semester, just got home for Thanksgiving break, or still living on campus, here are some tips to keep in mind for the next two weeks while you find yourself planted at a table questioning yourself more than you should. 

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1. Use a planner

The sudden lack of structure can definitely take a toll on your work ethic, organization and plans. Something that you’ve probably read in hundreds of other wellness magazines is to buy a planner. But coming from me, let it be known that procrastination is something I struggle with on a fundamental level. Sometimes I find myself putting off thoughts. So, as a Sunday night ritual I sit myself down with a facemask and use every color of the rainbow to organize my planner. From upcoming exams to assignment deadlines to logging in my virtual class schedule, planning out my week has become one of my most productive hobbies!


2. Focus on things you can control

As the world crumbles by the day, it is important to not internalize your environment. Feeling out of control? Some things I like to do are focusing on what I can do instead of dwelling on what happened. Doing online school at home poses two issues: online school and being at home. After being accustomed to your daily morning walks to the dining hall with your suite mates and going to the gym after a study session, it is a difficult transition to pack your things up all over again and go back to an environment many seek to escape. Some things I do to try and cope are reclaiming my power over routine. I set my alarm everyday at 9:30 to go for a run before my afternoon classes. I routinely eat my meals at fixed times. This has helped me because while I may not be as satisfied with my environment, I feel powerful in my ability to assert self-control. Definitely give it a shot too!


3. Create a reward system

Something I have found advantageous about becoming more self-aware is that I am able to trick myself into doing undesirable but beneficial activities! For example, I love to crack my knuckles throughout the day -- and I never really notice when I do it. As off putting as it sounds, I was working out the other day and found myself sitting there mid squat set pulling each finger. What I decided to do is after every set that I completed, I let myself pull another finger. LOL. It sounds grotesque, but I took advantage of something I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop in order to complete something I needed to do! Try taking note of some things you do mindlessly and reclaim your mindfulness -- and use it to your advantage!

Hey! My name is Julia Kaplansky and I am currently at the University of Vermont majoring in Linguistics with a minor in Spanish. I'm from Westchester, NY and I'm in the class of 2023! I am passionate about challenging perspectives and providing unique insight with my own flair, which is why I decided to become a member of the HerCampus team here at UVM. My mission as a writer during my undergraduate years is for my words to reach those in need of a new frame of mind and to touch people all over. Thanks for reading :)
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