A Reminder about Self Love

Every day, every minute we spend our time critiquing ourselves. Constant questions run through our minds. Am I good enough? Am I pretty enough? Is there something wrong with me?


Well, I’m here to remind you something important… There is absolutely nothing wrong with you.


It’s incredibly easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of comparing ourselves to others, to societal standards, to unrealistic expectations. In fact, it’s ridiculous how much time we spend worrying about how to change ourselves. On top of that, none of these changes are meant to be healthy and productive. The majority of the time, they fulfill what we think others want. Sometimes it’s a set of friends and their backhanded comments. Sometimes it’s a guy who keeps you confused and doubting yourself. We get sucked into a world of ambiguity, and confusion, but it only leaves us disheartened… empty.


However, no amount of change and doubt is going to solve these situations. In fact, nothing will. The most important realization we need to come to is that there is truly no way to please the world. Pleasing the world is just a recipe for pain and doubt. However, we can work towards pleasing ourselves. If there’s something you want to change about yourself, then it should be for you. A fitness goal, for example, should not be to meet the standards of society or of a guy; it should be for you to both look and feel good. It should fuel your passion, drive, and sense of accomplishment. Life is ultimately about mentality. The right mentality shifted towards the right focuses lead to a sense of fulfillment. No amount of validation will replace this notion. Validation should not be something we seek as confirmation, rather it should be an “I know” moment.


While, this is likely something we have all heard multiple times in our lives, take this as a quick reminder to realign perspectives. To realign how to measure self-worth, as well as find a new sense of appreciation for our positives- to find a way to love ourselves.