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5 Healthy Make-Ahead Breakfasts

My days usually start off with a nice workout, quickly showering, and getting ready for class, making the time before I head out the door for a long day rushed. Even if you’re not squeezing in a quick sweat session before your school day starts, trying to get as much as sleep as possible and getting all your things packed for class often leaves little time for anything else. A result of all the morning chaos tends to be skipping breakfast or picking unhealthy options. But, don’t reach for the sugar laden cereal or granola bars that are actually candy bars in disguise anymore. When you have a little extra time on the weekends, do yourself a favor and prepare healthy breakfasts to get you through the whole week. Here are some great options that you can make to ensure you’re fueled up with the right foods to power you through the day. 

1.  Chia seed pudding 

My fridge always has a serving of chia seed pudding prepared because it’s so easy and so versatile. The base ratio is 1 cup of milk (I like homemade nut milk) and 1/4 cup of chia seeds. Then top with fruit, raw nuts and seeds, granola, coconut flakes, or any thing else you like. You can also mix in some cacao to the basic recipe for when your morning needs a little chocolate. 

2.  Smoothies (image courtesy of foodiesfeed by Jakub Kapusnak)

If you love smoothies but don’t have time to make them before you have to leave, or you don’t want to bust out the noisy blender to wake up your roommates early in the morning, you can whip up a big batch of smoothies on the weekend to have for the week. All you have to do is divide up the smoothie into mason jars, keep them in the freezer, and the night before you’re planning on drinking one, move the smoothie into the fridge. Then wake up, give the jar a good shake, and get on with your day. 

3.  Veggie Frittata 

(image courtesy of picjumbo by VIKTOR HANACEK)

Like to start your morning on a savory note? Frittatas are perfect for you. Make a big veggie-packed frittata on the weekend and then portion it into slices for the week so you can have a breakfast with protein and nutrients on hand. It will be extra easy if you already have your roasted vegetables meal prepped.

4.  Loaded Sweet potatoes

On the subject of meal prepping vegetables, baking some sweet potatoes for the week can come in handy for breakfast. Add a nut butter drizzle, some fruit, and your favorite kind of yogurt for a delicious and even healthier take on the typical parfait. 

5.  Overnights Oats 

(image courtesy of foodiesfeed by Jakub Kapusnak)

What make-ahead breakfast list would be complete without overnight oats? This is probably the most popular breakfast to make in advance, and the combinations are endless. Make a different flavor for each day, like nut butter-banana one day, carrot cake for the next, and mixed berry for a different day. 


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