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Why You Should Read “Self-Made” by Nely Galán, Adelante

“Be your own Prince Charming.”

I may not be Latina like Nely Galán, but you can bet I understand the demand to be self-made as a woman. As an empowering leader and entrepreneur, Nely Galán has been the head of several businesses, and additionally started the self-made and Adelante movements. Her efforts toward empowering not only women in the latina community, but women in general, are not to waste. Whether you have attended a seminar, webinar, or even read her New York Times best seller “Self-Made” the benefits of learning how to become empowered, self-reliant, and rich in every way are evident in the conclusion of your experience with her program.  

Although I have not been fortunate enough to meet Galán in person, I was fortunate to come across her book in the self-help section of Barnes & Noble. (The link to buy the book online is listed below). When I was in the store, I was looking for the next best read, and when I came across her book, all I could think of was every reason why not to take it home with me. It seemed great, but I wasn’t in a position to invest or think about business and money on that high of a level; deep inside I still felt too young. However, I was determined to take something home, and at the time it seemed like my best option. Little did I know that it would be truly life changing. 

“There is no true empowerment until you have your own money.”

Throughout the introduction and first couple of chapters, I was getting the impression that the entire book would be about how she felt about money. Nonetheless, as I kept reading, I found so much more. There were an abundant of stories, quotes, and tips that were not only inspiring, but helpful. Learning about Galán’s journey, and the journeys of multiple people she came in contact with, taught me how important it was to make goals, take risks and also what areas to be more conservative in. Suddenly, the book became less about instructions on how to invest, and more so about how it can be of benefit now.

“Before you can be chosen, you need to choose yourself first.”

I have always had kind of an entrepreneurial spirit and had people ask me about my goals on multiple occasions, but I never considered how the two coincided. I learned to work hard at an early age, and set up some sort of retirement for myself, but I always had the thought in the back of my head that I didn’t want to take too many risks when I didn’t know all of my options. I made plans to meet with people and eventually figure those things out, but of course got busy and didn’t pursue it as much as I would have liked. Galán’s book was more than a first step, it was like a leap in the right direction. The way she explains business is a way of life, and it sparked goals in myself that I would have thought were extremely unrealistic in the past. 

“When we rely on someone else to make our dreams come true, we actually give up our dreams.”

Without giving away too many details, quotes and other great stories from within her book, I would have to say that this is a must read for just about anyone. It is directed toward women, but can be applied to both men and women. In Self-Made, by Nely Galán it is impossible not to take away the benefit of investing in yourself. You may learn your limits over time, but Galán expresses the reality of people selling themselves short. If you can dream it, you can make it happen. The very fact that something crossed your mind proves that it is possible, so never give up on your dreams and constantly pursue your goals. Adelante!


“I want women to see that self-made is an identity, and its an identity to be proud of.”

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